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So many people of India have many questions about Ratan TATA. Here are the answers of few questions about Ratan TATA.

01) What is The Net Worth of RATAN TATA? (Ratan TATA Net Worth / Ratan TATA Net Property/ Ratan TATA Net Wealth / Ratan TATA Personal Wealth / Ratan TATA’s Assets ) or How much is Ratan Tata’s Worth?

Well, Exact Net worth of Ratan TATA is not known. I have gone through so many searches and  literature on Ratan TATA. But The Exact Net Worth of Ratan TATA is unknown. Of Course it must be in hundreds of crores of rupees but yeah, I am 100% Sure that it is not a Billion Dollar. Yes, Ratan TATA is not a Billionaire.

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02) Is Ratan TATA Billionaire?

No. Ratan TATA is not a Billionaire. Of course he is the chairman of TATA Group having 96 Businesses out of which 28 are publically listed. But still Ratan TATA is not a Billionaire.

03) Why Ratan TATA is not a Billionaire?

Well, Because to become a Billionaire, On your Financial Statement, Your Assets must be worth of Billions of dollars. Of course Ratan TATA is running a TATA Group Empire. But the main bulk of the shares of its 96 Businesses is not on Ratan TATA’s Financial Statement but it is not the Financial Statement of TATA Group’s Key holding Company TATA Sons. And the 65% ownership of TATA Sons is not of Mr.Ratan TATA’s but it is hold by various TATA Group Charitable organizations out of which Sir Ratan TATA Trust & Sir J R D Tata Trust are the main holders of the TATA Sons. And 18% of the ownership of TATA Sons is of Mr.Pallonji Shapoorji Mistry who mantains low profile and known as “Phantom of Bombay House”. Ratan TATA himself holds less than 1% of TATA Sons, the key holding Company of TATA Group. This is the reason why Ratan TATA is not a Billionaire.

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04) What is the Net worth of Ratan TATA 2008?

Again, We can know the Income, Assets & Net worth of various TATA Group Companies because they are publically listed and their Financial statements are publically available by law. But We can’t have a Financial Statement of Mr.Ratan TATA. And without watching anyone’s Financial Statement, it is impossible to guess anyone’s Net Worth. So We don’t have Ratan Tata’s Financial Statement publically available so we can’t know that what is the Net Worth of Ratan Tata in year 2008?

05) What is the TATA Group Net Worth?

Well, TATA group’s net worth fluctuates depending on the share price of its various publically listed Companies. But if we talk about Revenue than the Revenue of TATA Group on Feb.2008 was US $ 62.5 Billion per Annum. TATA Group has 2,90,000 Employees according to 2008 Data. According to 2005 Data, TATA Group is around Rs.67,000 Crore Empire (This is the Net Worth of TATA Group). However, this Net worth is not accurate. Recently, UK Based Company has estimated TATA Group’s Brand Value (and that is an Intangible Asset) around US $ 12 Billion. It means that if TATA Group sell its Businesses than in addition to its real net worth the buyer has to pay US $ 12 Billion more as a Royalty. Because it is TATA’s Brand Value. Over the 150 years TATA has invested literally hundreds of crores behind developing its brand value.

06) Which are the Books on Ratan TATA? Is there any book written on Ratan TATA? (Ratan TATA Book)

At present, there are no Books written by Mr.Ratan TATA and his Personal life and story of success. But so many writers have written articles on Ratan TATA. Here is one such Article.

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07) What is TATA Sons?

TATA Sons is a key holding Company of TATA Group’s 96 Businesses. The Bulk of the shares of these Companies are held by TATA Sons. So The owner of various TATA Group Companies is not some human being but it is the Company TATA Sons and the 65% ownership of TATA Sons is hold by various Charitable organizations by TATA Group. Out of which JRD Tata Trust & Sir Ratan Tata trust are the main.

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08) What is TATA Sons Worth? ( TATA Sons Net Worth)

It is also variable and depends on the market value of various publically listed TATA Group Companies. Plus even if we consider and total the market values of all the TATA Group companies than also we can’s estimate it 100% accurately. Because 96 Businesses of TATA Group has literally hundreds of other subsidiary companies and again these subsidiaries have another subsidiary companies. So The True Valuation of all these Companies & its Assets is simply impossible. But if we count all the Valuation of all of its Tangible & Intangible Assets than I am sure that TATA Group can buy and Sell New York city at least 5 times.

09) Financial Statement of Ratan TATA

Again, it is not available publically. Because it is personal. So Don’t search Google for Financial Statement of Mr.Ratan TATA. By law, we can access the Financial statements of only those TATA Group companies which are publically listed such as TCS, TATA Tea, TATA Motors, TATA Steel….etc.. But we don’t have right to access Mr.Ratan TATA’s Personal Financial Statement.

10) Which are Ratan TATA’s Dogs?

Yes, it is true that Ratan TATA loves dogs. He has 2-3 dogs also with which they go to vacation or d on tour. But again there is no where written publically the names of these dogs and which variety and breed they are,,,

11) Ratan TATA in Billionaires List (Ratan TATA Worth in Forbes)

Again, Ratan TATA is not in a List of Billionaire because he personally owns less than 1 % of TATA Sons on his Personal Financial Statement, While more than 65% of TATA Sons is hold by various TATA Group Charitable organizations. The person who has a bulk of share holding in TATA Sons can only become a Billionaire. And there is only one person on this world who owns 18% ownership of TATA Sons and that is more than Ratan Tata’s and that person is Mr.Pallonji Shapoorji Mistry who is Irish citizen now and having net and worth of US $ 5.5 Billion he is in the list of forbes. And his son Mr.Cyrus Mistry can be the next chairman of TATA Sons.

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12) Why Ratan TATA not in Forbes Billionaires List? 

Again, because he does not own the bulk of shares of TATA Sons on his own financial statement. He personally owns less than 1% of TATA Sons. Mr.Pallonji Shapoorji Mistry owns 18% of TATA Sons.

13) Ratan Tata Personal

Well, Ratan tata loves to travel with his dogs. He also loves to fly his private jet plane on weekends. He lives in the same apartment in the Mumbai which he was living before he was the chairman of TATA Group.

14) Ratan TATA in 1980s

Ratan TATA is basically an architect. He has spend more than a decade in USA. and he says that if he was not a chairman of TATA Group than he would be an architect today.p

15) TATA Group Total Asset Value

We can’t estimate it accurately. Because each TATA Group company has literally hundreds of more subsidiary companies and again they have another subsidiaries. So 100% accurate valuation is impossible.

16) TATA Sons Investment by Shapoorji

Shapoorji owns 18% of TATA Sons.

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17) Who is the Next Chairman of TATA Group?

There are 2 possibilities. One is Mr.Cyrus Mistry son of Mr.Pallonji Shapoorji Mistry & second is Mr.Noel TATA, son-in law of Mr.Pallonji Mistry & cousin brother of Mr.Ratan TATA.

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18) Who is Noel TATA?

Noel TATA is son in law of Mr.Pallonji Mistry and cousin brother of Mr.Ratan TATA & also he runs Eureka Forbes Limited.

19) Who is Pallonji Shapoorji Mistry and what is relation between Pallonji Shapoorji Mistry & Noel Tata?

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    Noel Tata is half brother of Ratan Tata.

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  3. sir,
    I am NAVNEET MAHESHWARI the student of 12th commerce .
    I want to become a complete MAN LIKE YOU .
    SIR please give hint to become like you . i am belong to middle class .
    my email id : NAVNEET238215@GMAIL.COM

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    try to get admission in American or British Universities and do an MBA.
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    Really Tata's has inspired lot of youngster to become entrepreneur and TATA is only company which do care of there employee hats off for TATA.

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