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Asav Patel

Wise Bread:

Do you know that your Blog is not just an online site for Time pass or Entertainment. But its a Business. It’s a Web Business. And Government also treat it as an Internet Business/Web Business.

You will ask than….How?…. How Government treat Blog as a Business?

Well, because Government gives you Tax benefits & tax deductions for Expenses doing behind your Blog. According to Wise Bread Blog, there are 101 tax Deductions for your Blog (Web Business).

It means that suppose you earn Rs.1 Crore from your Blog in 1 year and some how you can show that you have spend Rs.90 Lakhs behind the Expansion, Maintenance or Growth of your Blog than you have to pay tax on just rest of the Rs.10 lakhs. All of your 90 lakhs are tax free.

Government treats blog as a Business on Paper.

Here are Top 30 Expenses that you can deduct for tax benefits. There are total 101.

  • Industry books & periodicals, including audio books
  • Other books and periodicals used for research
  • Library book charges
  • DVDs and CDs related to your blogging
  • Movie or theater tickets, if related to your blogging or freelancing
  • Music and TV show downloads
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Research sites that require a subscription
  • Further education classes
  • Webinars
  • Business podcasts
  • Business-related websites (for me, that would be Adweek)
  • Memberships to professional clubs and affiliations
  • Internet access fees (at about $40 a month, that’s a biggie)
  • Public internet access fees (Internet cafĂ©’s, airports etc)
  • Stock photo purchases for your blog
  • Search Engine Optimization services and fees
  • Paid site submissions
  • Website hosting fees
  • Website design and/or maintenance fees
  • Website/blog templates
  • Domain name cost(s) and renewals
  • Blog expenses (e.g. WordPress additions)
  • Film & Digital cameras
  • Web cameras
  • Handheld video recorders
  • Digital memory cards
  • Recordable CDs and DVDs
  • Zip drives
  • Photo printouts
  • There are total 101 Expenses that you can show as your Blog Expense and claim for Deduction.

    Not only this but according to Wise Bread,

    “Your TV cable or satellite bill. I can deduct it because I need it…I work in the movie business. It’s a very nice deduction, too. If you blog about soaps, movies, TV shows, or anything else in the entertainment field, this could be a nice write-off for you.”

    Yes, you can also deduct your TV Cable or satellite bill if you are blogging about Entertainment Business.

    2 Responses
    1. Anonymous Says:

      this is only applicable for US and not India dear guy

    2. ASAV PATEL Says:

      No No...Not at all...this is applicable to India also. Infact some bloggers of India are doing this.....

      According to laws of Govt. of India any expense that is done for your Business purpose is Tax deductible....

      So all these expenses are tax deductible because they consider blog in a Business (Web Business) Category...