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Asav Patel

Entrepreneur's Details

Name Giri 'Pickbrain' Balasubramaniam

Age 37

Hometown Bangalore

Family background First gen entrepreneur

More than 1 company? Yes (1)

Education Masters

Graduated from Times School of Marketing

Former employer

Former designation Vice President

Area of responsibility Strategy

Favorite book/movie The New Age of Innovation (CK Prahalad, MS Krishnan)

Business description

We are in the business of empowering close to 2 million people each year with knowledge transfers, be it in the form of books, CD's, in school and college programs, web based games, training and quiz shows.

The core strength of our business lies in the fact that we have achieved this growth and deployed our concepts built on the Gandhian philosophy of "self sustained business enterprise model", wherein we have generated revenues out of the business to foster growth.

How does the business make money?

The school and on campus programs are subscription based paid by the individuals as an annual fee.

The corporate programs and solutions are contractual with defined annual growth in revenue.

The properties and solutions we create specifically for client needs (eg: Infosys) are based on the reach and manpower allocated and billed accordingly.

Our products and research publications including quiz books are sold on a retail model or on royalty model.

Team information

S. Nagarajan - Director - Former Quality Consultant and ISO expert from MICO Bosch.
Sourish Ghosh - a post graduate in HR and Marketing ,he quit Accenture to join Greycaps to head Business Strategy as AGM . A former journalist who loves to counsell students and conduct Corporate Training,he brings to the company his experience in Training, Media and Marketing ,especially in the Education and Knowledge Services sector.
Shravan Shetty - Asst General Manager - MBA - joined Greycaps in its year of inception, moved on to become a noted trainer before rejoining Greycaps.
Sowmya BK - Sr.Manager Brand & Head Solutions - MBA - Took the call to not take the offer of a leading FMCG & join this start up and be part of the knowledge revolution.

Why is this startup hot?

The surging demand for knowledge transfer, knowledge tools, knowledge games and research based services as a business model in India, Asia and other parts of the world, makes it hot. This demand is also transmedia - from publications to on-stage programs to television, internet and hand held devices.

What gives us strength is the fact that as a young company we have annual partnerships and contracts with the best Indian business groups namely - the Tatas, Infosys, AV Birla Group, Cognizant, ET, Anand Bazar Partika to name a few. Our tie up with the Government of Karnataka, demonstrates how knowledge tools can be successfully implemented with a public-private partnership.

What sets us apart is that we are the first in this space to venture beyond English and successfully implement our programs and publications in Indian languages (Kannada, Hindi) and physical presence in the small towns of India (Dehradun, Jamshedpur, Cochin, Baroda etc).

What keeps the team awake at night?

Greycaps believes in 'Innovation' as a Team. The future of India lies in the ability of its youth to apply a clear thought process. What truly keeps us motivated is our being able to develop this trait in youngsters across India. The challenge of building this new India excites us.