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Asav Patel


Recently I read a post from, - Reality check: You're not going to make money from your blog

The Post was totally demoralizing. If you want to start out your career as a Blogger than please don’t read this post. You will be totally demoralized.

According to the post, if you want to be a Successful Blogger & want to create a Money Making Blog than you must come from a big Media Back ground. Not only this but the post also says that, you should be an excellent writer otherwise the chances of your success are very less.

Well, Let me tell you here that, I don’t think so. Let me give you my Example. I am a doctor & i don’t  have any media experience & still I am running “MY JOURNEY TO BILLIONAIRE CLUB” Successfully. Let me tell you here that I am not a writer at all still I am successfully running this Blog and making money from it.

So What it takes for Successful Blogging?

Well, it takes PERSISTENCE & PASSION for successful Blogging.

If you are PASSIONATE about what you are blogging about & somehow you be a persistent for few years than you can convert your blog in a Cash machine.

If you can post 5-7 posts per Day for few years than you can be a Great Blogger. The only thing is that, The Content should be original and creative.

Let me tell you that, it’s a matter of Information. I mean How Giant your portfolio of Information (Blog Archive) is, will determine your Blogging Success.

The more Giant you are, the more successful you are. It does not have anything to do with quality. If you can provide useful Information that people really need than your Blog is a Success.

The article also says that, Blogging is very time consuming & it will consume lots of your valuable time. But well, who says that, Be a Writer for whole of your Life? Once your Blog will achieve a sufficient size, you can higher more authors from the profit of that Blog. They will write for your Blog & your Blog will grow automatically after that. The only hard work behind any blog is initial few years. Because in initial few years, you have to be Giant & Popular.

Once your Blog becomes Giant & Popular, you can higher authors for it and after that you sail away for world tour.

My Advise -

According to me, Blogging is a perfect Web Business for those who want to retire early i.e. in their early thirties.

$$$ –> The Golden Advise -

Another thing I want to tell you here is that, Re-Invest your Blog Profit behind developing a Brand Value of your Blog.

I mean don’t spend your Blog Profit behind your daily expenses. But re-invest it in your Blog. I mean Do a Marketing of your Blog. Google AdWords is the Best tool to market your Blog.

Spending behind Google AdWrods is an Investment. Because it will develop your Blog’s Brand Value in people’s mind. It will show people that, you are here to provide a service to them. You are not going to run away.

Of course, Initially you won’t see any benefit. But over the time, your Blog’s Popularity will increase several folds. And thus Profit. Again Re-invest that profit behind developing a Brand of your Blog until your Blog becomes world famous.

Remember my friends, This is the Information Age. And in the Information Age, your success is determined by ‘How many Eyeballs you Control’…….!!!!!!!!!