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Asav Patel

Millionaires looking for wives – Have you ever think that, which kind of wives millionaires looking for? Well, of course all people want beautiful criteria and so the millionaires also. But according to one research done in USA, millionaires prefer wives who are financially educated and having good Financial IQ.

Millionaires look for good financial planners & meticulous budgeter wives. In fact, wives of most of the millionaires are a lot more conservative with the money than their husbands.

We are talking about true millionaires. I am not talking about upper middle class people who believe in high status life styles. Unfortunately most of the people in this world consider rich & millionaires those people who live in expensive homes, drive expensive cars & wear expensive clothes and watches.

I am talking about true rich and millionaire people whose “On Paper” Total Net Worth (Assets – Liabilities) is more than US $ 1 Million. Most of the time, the net worth of people showing high status is not actually over $ 1 Million. They just look and act like rich but in reality they are not true rich. Here I am talking about true rich and millionaire people.

For millionaires, the main concern is to preserve their wealth. Because they know that, wealth has to be accumulated. You can’t build wealth by spending more but you can only build wealth by saving more and accumulating more assets. and that’s why millionaires want wives who are expert in budgeting, accounting, savings & managing money smartly.

The study done on true millionaires show that, more than 80% of True Millionaires want financially sound knowledge wives. Because most of the true wealthy people in this world don’t care about how they look, they only care about how many assets they own?…. And that’s why they are in search of spouse who are financially intelligent…!!!

So Which kind of spouse you are looking for?…!!!

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