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Asav Patel

Which are the Business Ideas for Rs.25 Lakh Investment?

Recently a very good friend of mine has asked me the above question. Basically he wan to invest Rs.25 Lakhs money in a Business but he has no idea that in which business to invest or which business to start?

Well, if we talk about India than with Rs.25 Lakh of Investment, you can start following Businesses.

01) Start from Scratch -

One way is you start from Scratch. There are several lucrative industries to start a business in India such as Food, Health, Entertainment, Gaming, Internet Business…etc…  If you are willing to invest your time also than this is a best way to start a business with 25 lakh of investment. This is because you will have highest return in the long run if you start your business out of scratch only.

02) Buy Already Established Business -

Another way to start a business with 25 lakh of investment is, you buy already established business. For this, you have to search for the businesses for sale in the market. Sometimes,, you will find over valued deals also. But the main advantage of buying an already established business is that, you don’t have to work hard to start it from scratch. And another advantage is that, most of the start-up businesses fail before its fifth anniversary. And that’s why if you buy already established business than your half the job is over.

03) Buy a Franchisee Business -

Third Business idea is, You buy a Franchisee Business. You won’t have to work hard once you buy a franchisee business. This is because Franchisees come with already established business model. If you want to purely invest 25 lakhs and don’t want to invest your time in doing a business than franchisee business is for you. You can enjoy the profit of your franchisee business without giving your time in it.

Thus, the above are the best business ideas to start a business with 25 lakh of Investment.