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Asav Patel

The Most Valuable Collectible Items

Most of the people in the world don’t know that Collectible items are the Separate Asset Class. And Investors invest in it for huge profits. Having a Collectible Item is just like owning your Home, Stocks, Bonds, Gold, Mutual Funds, Businesses or any other asset. For the most of the people, collectible items is a Hobby. But your hobby can become a great Investment.

There is a huge market for Vintage Collectible items in the world and people are willing to invest literally millions of dollars in the Vintage Collectible Items.

Here is a List of some most Valuable Vintage Collectible Items -

01) Stamps -

USPs 2008 Stamp Collection

Stamps are one of the most valuable collectible item. This is because of whenever the governments all around the world print some special edition stamps, they are limited and thus, Collectors rush and buy all of them and causes severe crisis of those stamps.

02) Coins -

Coins are the other most valuable collectible items. There is a huge classification of coins. You can invest in any category of coins. One of my dad’s friend invest only in the coins of the era 2000-2500 BC.

03) Vintage Coke Collections -

Coca-Cola Bottle Cap Stickers - Vintage

Coca-cola Bottle Radio of 1933

Vintage Coke 6 Pack - 1899

Coca-cola is almost 100 years old company and since it’s launch it has manufactured several bottle shapes, size and colour. And these Coke Bottles are one of the most valuable Vintage Collectible Items in the world.

See in the above photographs, the different old vintage coke bottles. These are the collectors hot choice. Not only this but the Coca-cola stickers are also the vintage collectible items.

04) Toys – Pre-1960 -

Jerseys Pre-1960 Paying Top $$$$

Pre-1960 Blackbird Antiques

If you think that only Barbie and G.I. Joe toys are collectible items than you are mistaken. Because the real investors search for investing in Pre-1960 Toys. Some of the toys are worth of thousands of dollars. Pre-1960 Toys are among the most valuable Vintage Collectible items.

05) Cuckoo Clocks -

Black Forest Cuckoo Clock – World’s No.1 Valuable Vintage Collectible Item

Well, Yes. This is one of the most valuable Vintage Collectible item. Because there are only limited pieces of the Cuckoo Clocks on the world.

It is the NUMBER ONE Vintage Collectible item in the world according to some largest auction sites in the world. The most favourite is Black forest Cuckoo Clocks. which was first crafted almost three centuries ago by German maestro Franz Kettler. Hand-carved reproductions with vibrant chimes and weights fetch the highest prices.

06) Vintage Knives -

Pocket Vintage Knives Collection

Pocket Vintage Knives are also the valuable collectible Items in this world. Rust-free knives have high value. And the manufacturers of the knives also number these knives so that the supply remains limited.

Thus, all of the above are the most valuable vintage collectible items.