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Asav Patel

GOLDEX is the code to buy a Demat Gold (Gold ETF) on the website. Eventhough it is a Gold Mutual Fund, you can buy it from the stock exchanges as shares. Each unit of Gold ETF represent 1 gram of gold price.

Here are the popular codes for reputed Gold ETFs.

- Benchmark Gold ETF – GOLDEX
- Reliance Gold ETF – RELGOL
- Kotak Gold ETF – KOTGOL

You can simply go to your account and put the order to buy gold etf NAVs just like shares. You can use the above codes. They are very simple to remember.

You can buy gold mutual fund units directly from the stock exchange just like the shares. Gold is the traditional asset class and after the financial meltdown, investors from all around the world are diverted towards this traditional asset class.

It is advisable to allocate Maximum 10% of your total portfolio into Gold. This is because the gold has negative correlation with the Equity market and the US Dollar. Gold is very effective asset class to preserve the purchasing power of your money.