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Asav Patel

How Do Most Billionaires Make Their Money?

You might be surprise by knowing that, Billionaires don’t earn Billions of dollars. But they just print this much money in the economy. They create new wealth (& Investments) in the economy in which millions of people want to invest. Read my Article,

How Billionaires Become Billionaires?

Well, By printing money I don’t want to say that they do some kind of illegal activity. Billionaires print new money in the economy and that is also 100% Legally…!!!

You will than ask me that, How can anyone except the government print his/her own Money? After all if anyone except the government prints money, it is illegal.

But well, The Billionaires print their money in the legal way.

Billionaires make their billions of dollars by developing a successful business and later on taking it to the public. By listing their own businesses to the public, they sell literally millions of shares to the public and the valuation of their own shares go high to a Billion Dollar.

All the Forbes Billionaires are Billionaires by this way only. If you want to become a Billionaire than you don’t necessarily need to earn this much money because you can print it legally by developing your own Business and taking it to the public.

So if your life’s goal is to become a Billionaire than focus your efforts to build a successful business and taking that Business to the public.

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