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Asav Patel

Well, Friends……

Today I was playing with some new Blogger Templates & I finally end up with this template.

Unfortunately, I am not a Techie….. So I lost all of the widgets of the previous Template & in this new Template the RSS Feed reader goes to most down part of the Template…….

I swear that, I will never try to change my blog template until I learn all of the basics………

Right now I am working on the previous widgets as I lost all the previous widgets……

Please forgive me for this…….!!!!!!!!

Asav Patel

Twitter is deleting Tweets without Notice

Digital Inspiration

I am using my Twitter account since last couple of months. I have published around 490 Tweets up to now. But today When I opened my account, it has only 38 Tweets.

So I go to Technology Blog (Digital Inspiration) so that I can find something more about this.

Amit Agarwal of is also facing the same problem.

What a Crap is this?……. Twitter is deleting our tweets without notifying us………. They should at least Inform us. Because Tweets are the wealth of Information.

According to Agarwal,

Deleted Tweets can be recovered.

“Though the messages have been removed from my twitter profile, you can still retrieve a copy of the deleted updates from the Twitter Search page as in the following screenshot.

Luckily, the permalinks of all deleted tweets are still valid so any links pointing to your Twitter updates won’t break. For instance, this sample tweet is erased from my profile but it continues to exist as before on Twitter.”

Are you also facing the same Problem?……..

Asav Patel

Well, All of you know that, My native is Ahmedabad City, Gujarat, India & I am studying my MS – Ophthalmology (Eye Surgery) at Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India at D.Y. Patil University.

Kolhapur to Ahmedabad is 18 hours journey by road. And today on 30th April 2009, There was a 3rd Round of Election of India.

So I take the leave from my college for Voting Purpose. I left Kolhapur on Yesterday 4:00 PM & reach to Ahmedabad at Today Morning 11:00 O’clock. After that, 2 o’clock I did Voting.

I am very happy right now because I have done Voting. Voting is the right & duty of every Indian Citizen.

The only thing about which I am very disappointed today is, there is Total only 28% Voting in Gujarat.

This thing hurt me a Lot. Only 28% Voting is nothing. All of you should Vote. There should be 100% Voting…………

Anyway………. What do you think that, which party will win this time?……….

Comment on this Post please…….!!!!!!!

Asav Patel

Union Home Minister P Chidambaram, who filed his nomination in Sivaganga, declared assets worth Rs. 27 Crore, including the assets of his wife, Nalini, a leading lawyer herself.

The vakue of Assets of P Chidambaram and his wife has gone up from a total of Rs.17.5 Crore to Rs.27 Crore now. The minister owns a house in Chennai worth Rs.4.5 Crore and has deposits worth Rs.6.65 Crores.

Sarubala R Thondaman, the Congress candidate for Tiruchi and the temple city’s mayor, is perhaps the richest contestant in the Lok Sabha race from Tamil Nadu, with her family’s Assets reaching up to Rs.56.62 Crores.

R Prabhu, Congress candidate for Coimbatore and former Union Minister is probably the only contender who owns the pricey BMW car; going by the affidavits filed by the contenstants so far. Prabhu disclosed the details of Assets, including those of his wife, worth Rs. 22 Crores.

The Massachusetts – educated engineer and industrialist Prabhu out dazzles other candidates with his jewellery collections, as he and his wife possess a staggering 2,220 grams of gold with precious stones worth about Rs.34 Lakhs and 25 Kg of Silver. In comparison, Sarubala has disclosed 920 Grams of Jewels and 3 Kg of Silver.

Asav Patel

Because of the Volatile Market, Mutual Funds are now offering various fancy options to the Investors. One Fund house has even lowered the ticket size to a portfolio management services (PMS) products, willing to bring into the PMS fold even those who are just on the borderline of qualifying as a High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs).

ICICI Target Return –>

The Investor would have a range of triggers to choose from 12% to 100%. The Fund which would invest primarily in large cap stocks, offers the option to either switch the entire investment along with appreciation or just the appreciation to any of the four debt funds man-aged by ICICI.

HDFC Flexindex –>

The Investor can put money into select HDFC Debt/liquid schemes and choose four sensex levels or ‘trigger evets’ of choice. They can then automatically transfer investments from these debt/liquid schemes to select equity schemes of HDFC MF at closing Sensex levels of choice.

UTI Wealth Builder –>

UTI Wealth Builder is the Portfolio Management Service (PMS) launched by UTI.

The Fund invests in Equity, debt and gold. Investments are scaled up or brought down in each of these asset categories depending on market conditions. The fund can invest a maximum of 35% in Gold/Debt.

IDFC Hybrid Infra Portfolio –>

IDFC MF has launched its Hybrid Infrastructure scheme, a Portfolio Management Service (PMS) product with entry loas as low as Rs.10 Lakh.

In Hybrid Infra Portfolio, IDFC MF (Formerly Standard Chartered MF) is trying to leverage on the expertise of its new promoter, IDFC, an infrastructure specialist. The idea is to bring in mid level investors willing o invest as low as Rs.10 Lakh. While 25% of the Corpus will be invested in infra companies, the balance will be deployed in a manner similar to private equity funds.

Asav Patel

If you book a Nano, and unfortunately not selected in the draw, do not despair as your booking amount will fetch you better returns than even a Fixed Deposit…..!!!!

This is how it will work…….





Received rate (w.e.f. – 13.4.09)

By Booking a Nano

1 Year to 2 Years



2 Years to 1000 Days


8.75% (Over 2 years)

This is because of Inflation cooling down to ground zero level, Banks have slashed their deposit rates and that’s why TATA Nano booking is fetching higher returns for your Deposits than FDs.

Booking for Nano opened on 9th April 2009. But Tata Motors will only be able to allot only 1 lakh cars in its first round. But for those who are not successful in getting the car in the first  round, have the option to retain their deposit on which Tata will pay an interest of 8.5% for people who have to wait between 1-2 years and 8.75% for over 2 years.

This is really great. You can fetch more Interest rate by using this option.

This is Amazing…….

Even if you don’t get TATA Nano car in the first round of booking, you can choose to wait for 1 year and at the same time you can earn more returns than FDs.

So Go for TATA FD Option…….!!!!!!!!!

Asav Patel
Well, Today I receive a Mail. According to the mail, A 22 year old guy whose father was a Business man, killed by poison & left him a Sum of US $ 2.5 Millions. Now he want to study in your country & needs your Investment Assistance.......

He will pay you 20% of the Total Fund if you advise him to make Good Investments of his US $ 2.5 Million Fund........

As I am not a that much good Investor because I am still struggling hard to learn Investments, I thought that I should Pass on this Opportunity to you..........

Please help this Guy. He fully trusts on you. He will transfer US $ 2.5 Millions in your Acount as soon as you contact him..................

I really still don't understand one thing...........
There are so many Banks around this world. This Guy could take help of any of those reputed Banks. Than why he asked for my help?

Is it because he thinks that, I am the great Investor of this World?.............
HAHAHAHA................... I don't think so...............

Anyway........ What do you think about this? (Well, Not about weather I am a good Investor or not but about this Mail..........!!!!!!)

From: Scott Williams.,
Country: Ivory
CoastLocation: West Africa.
Please and please rich me in my privetemail.

Dear One,
I know this mail will come to you as a suprise since we have not meet or had a previous correspondence please bear with me.i will realy like to have a good relationship with you, and i have a special reason why i decided to write you because of the urgency of my situation here
I got your contact informations through site and decided to contact you, hoping that by Almighty God grace, you will successfully assist me out from my situations after seven days of prayer and fasting over seeking for an overseas guardance. I am Scott Williams. ( 22 years old ). The only son of late Nana Williams, who was a famous and wealthy cocoa and gold dealer base in Abidjan, the econimic capital of Ivory Coast

My father was poisoned to death by his business associates on one of their outings on a business trip. My mother died when i was a baby and since then, my father took me so special. Before he he died, he secrectly called me on his bed side and told me that he has the sum of ($2,500, USD ).Two million, five hundred thousand united state dollars. Deposited in fixed / suspense account in one of the prime bank here in Abidjan, that he used my name as his only son for the next of kin.

I must not hesitate to confide in you for this simple and sincere business.I am seeking your urgent attention to help me transfer the sum into your account for an investment purposes, Such as real estates and stock markets business. And i want you to help me invest this money in your country and help me to locate a nice school to continue my education in your country.I am willing to offer you 20% of the total sum as compensation for your urgent assistance to me, immediately after the transfer of the fund into your account in your Country. I will be waiting for your urgent and favourable response.

Yours Sincerely,Scott Williams.
Asav Patel
Google Promotion: Today I received the following Mail.........

"Dear Valued Customer,Your e-mail have emerged as a winner of £500,000.00 GBP in our on-going promo.Your Winning details are as follows: Computer Generated Profile Numbers (CGPN):7-22-71-00-66-12, Ticket number: 00869575733664, Serial numbers:/BTD/8070447706/06, Lucky numbers: 12-12-23-35-40-41(12).

Contact Mr. Francis Henson for more details through the contact below:
Mr. Francis Henson,Email:
Mrs Susan John.

Hurray.......... Today I Win the Lottery of half a Million Pound and that is 1 Million USD........

The only thing surprises me is that, I have never filled any lottery ticket. And I didn't know before that Google is in Lottery Business also............

I regularly read The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Time Magazine and many other Business Journals & News papers around this world. But I was not knowing that, Google is in Lottery Business also.

Any Way........ So According to This Mail. I am a Millionaire Now................
See.... Being a Rich is this much easy........ I was struggling hard behind this Blog since last more than a year. And to keep readers interested I have to read daily 4-6 hours about Business & Finance.

And still I am earning just US $ 20-25 Bugs from this Blog every month, from which I can hardly buy 2-3 SubWay Sandwhiches..........

But Today This Lottery Ticket has make me a Millionaire without any effort..........

So What do you think?....... I am a Millionaire Now according to this e-mail.........
Should I continue to work hard behind this Blog? or should I work hard behind the claiming process of this Lottery Ticket?........

What is your Opinion?..........
Asav Patel

Google AdWords: The Amazing Online Advertising Program (Advertise your Business on Google)

Google AdWords is the amazing advertising program developed by Google. Last year (2008) Google has reported US $ 20 Billion Revenue & out of which 99% of its Revenue is because of its Amazing Program Google AdWords (& AdSense Of course).

The Official Site of Google AdWords

Well, In this Article I will teach you in Layman’s Language that, What is Google Adwords and how can you use Adwords to advertise your Business Online?

Well, In Simple Language, You are seeing the adds on this Blog. These adds are supplied by Google Adwords & Google AdSense to me. Means Google ad words is designed in such a manner that it will serve the relevant adds on any web site. So it will help you to optimize your Business Brand Value.

On this Blog, You will see adds on Financial Products (Credit Cards, Home Loans, Insurance, Car Loans, Demat Accounts, Mutual Funds, Investments…..etc…) mainly.

The Best Example of Google Adwords Campaign is Election 2009 in India. L K Advani, the BJP President is running his Online Ad Campaign via Google AdWords Program.

Right Now in India, There are 47 Million people using Internet Daily. So Google Adwords is the Best tool to advertise your product/Business in front of this huge Online Audience.

Google is the Giant in advertising. No other online advertising Company around this world, comes to as closer as Google.

How to Run Successful Ad Campaign with Google AdWords?

- Well, If you are not a Techie & you are not familiar with the words Key Word Analysis, Key word bidding, Key words monetization, CPC, Pay per Click…etc… Than simply higher the Professional Service to Run your Company/Products' Ad Campaign.

Simply Give your Money to professional Google Ad Campaigner & sit back and enjoy your Ad Campaign. They will do the rest of the things for you. This will be little bit costly but it is the Best way to run Google AdWords Campaign.

- If you know at least something about the above words than you can start with Starter edition. You can try and modify your ad campaign on trial and error basis.

Invest in Google AdWords -

Well, Spending Money behind such a Great program is not a Spending but its an Investment. It’s the Long-term Investment in Brand of your Company & Product.

So Next time, whenever you have Profit from your Business, Simply re-invest that profit for Google AdWords Campaign. Google Adwords is the amazing program to create Brand Value of your Business.

Asav Patel

Few days back, I saw a TV Programme. The programme was about “How to be Happy During Recession?”

In the TV show, they shown that how corporate companies are making their employees to feel happy.

Well, Let us discuss one hypothetical Example.

We will discuss the Example of ICBC Bank. Mr.Viki is working in the ICBC Bank. His Designation was Asst. Sales Officer up to now. Now to keep Mr.Viki and many other employees happy, ICBC Bank has upgraded his Designation. So Now Mr.Viki is Chief Ares Sales officer.

So now even during the time of Recession, he gets promotion. So his visiting card is changed now. And now Mr.Viki can proudly say to anybody in corporate parties that he get promoted by his Company even during the time of Recession.

And not only this but the reputation of ICBC Bank will also increase because ICBC Bank has given promotion & post up gradation to its employees even during the time of Recession.

So now everybody is happy right? Because Mr.Viki get promoted so he is happy now and he can say to his friends that he got promotion by his Company. ICBC Bank is also happy now because Mr.Viki will freely do mouth to mouth publicity about ICBC Bank that, how during the time of Recession, ICBC Bank has given promotion to its employees……..Right?

But wait….Here is a Trap……!!!!!!

You will ask than, What can be the Trap here? Even during the time of Recession, ICBC Bank has up graded the post of Mr.Viki & Now both Viki & ICBC Banks are happy. In fact every one is happy than what is the Trap here?

Well, The Trap here is, “ICBC Bank has done Post up gradation of Mr.Viki but it does not have increase his pay scale a single Rupee. Even if Mr.Viki is Chief Area Sales Manager today, His Salary is not increased a Single rupee at all.”

Right now Many Corporate Companies are doing the same thing just like ICBC Bank. They are upgrading the posts of all of their employees. Means Now Asst. Accountant is Chief Accountant, Asst. Marketing Manager is Chief Marketing Manager and so on……… But this is just the on paper job post up gradation. Their salary have not increased a Single rupee…..!!!!!

So this is how Companies are making their employees happy even during the Tine of Recession. You can also stay happy by this method even during the Recession.

So This is how you can Be Happy During the Time of Recession……..!!!!!!!!!

What do you Say ?…….

Asav Patel

If you don’t know anything about Robert Kiyosaki than Read the Post, Rich Dad First.

Let me give you Twitter Explanation of Robert (140 Characters) - “Robert Kiyosaki is my favourite author & the Blog you are reading right now (MJ2BC) is because of the inspiration by Robert’s Great Book Rich Dad Poor Dad."

Is it enough Explanation for you?

Yes, “My Journey To Billionaire Club” is the end product of Robert’s Motivation.

I would have never launched this Blog if I have never read Robert’s Book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’.

And let me tell you today that, “Robert is on Twitter with the name theRealKiyosaki”

Robert has recently joined Twitter. Here is his Twitter Homepage. You can follow him on Twitter by this page.

Robert is simply Best.

Robert you are right. “This is the Information Age & its all about how many eye balls you control”

I am really happy today because Robert has used Technology platform to communicate with people. Now Because of Twitter I can directly send my messages to Robert. I can directly tell him that What I feel about his books & writings.

I have created this Asset (This Blog) after taking the Inspiration from Robert’s Rich Dad Series of Books mainly,

01) Rich Dad Poor Dad

02) Cash Flow Quadrant &

03) Guide to Investing.

Today I own this Blog through my own Company (PATEL EDUCATION PRIVATE LIMITED). Robert is simply great.

And today when I am writing this Article, The Valuation of this Blog (My Web Asset) is US $ 6777 (Rs.3.40 Lakhs). So in 1 year, I have created an Asset worth Rs.3.40 Lakhs.

I like his words, “Rich Never Work for Money but their Money work for them.”

Anyway Robert….Keep Tweeting…. I am eagerly waiting for your Tweets….!!!!!!

Asav Patel

Artha Money: Make Friends with Money

Artha Money comes with the lowest brokerage rate.

Introducing One Paisa Brokerage from Artha Money!

In a slow market, every paisa matters. That’s why Artha Money. The Complete Financial Super Market, offers you one of the lowest brokerages in the market.

With an Artha Money trading account, you pay only 1 paisa for every Rs.100 worth of stocks and/or commodities traded intra-day. That means each paisa that you invest works harder for you helping you invest more and save more..!!

Benefits of an Artha Money Trading Account -

- One of the lowest brokerage rates in the market – 0.01% pr 1 paisa

- Trade on the BSE as well as NSE, in the Cash & F&O Segments

- Trade in Commodities on MCX & NCDEX

- Seamless one-window tracking for Equity on NSE, BSE, NSE F&O along with commodity on NCDEX & MCX

- No Transaction charges for Credit in your Demat Account – For market and off-market trades

- No Transaction charges for debit in your demat account – for trades done through Artha Broking

Unmatched Service -

- World class research reports to help you make the right choice

- Trade through the Internet, Telephone or through our branches

- Free Online daily market calls

- Independent applet with live quotes, making online trading possible from anywhere

- Personalized service with your dedicated money manager

- Widest choice of products and services including share trading, mutual funds, insurance and real estate, all under one pool

Asav Patel

This is my angry response to the Indi Blogger Forum’s Discussion Topic “Is Blogging a Waste of Time?”

The author of the Thread Mr.Balasubramanyam from Ahmedabad thinks that Blogging is a Waste of Time. So Here is my response to him.

Dear Sir,

I am a Personal Finance, Business, Entrepreneurship & Great Business Ideas Blogger. I m from Ahmedabad, Gujarat & I run a Finance Blog 'MY Journey To Billionaire Club'.

I am totally disagree with you.

Let me tell you that, I have launched this Blog to give people Financial Education. I don't believe in throwing money towards poors. It will not solve their poverty. Throwing a fish towards hungry won't solve the problem but instead we should teach them how to fish.

I spend 6-8 hours daily behind my blog to educate people about Money & How it works.

You told that, Internet penetration in India is just 2%. Let me tell you that right now there are 45 Million Internet Users in India and by the end of year 2010, it will become 100 Millions (10 Crores). The Internet penetration will increase year by year and with the help of Blog it will be easy to spread the message to literally millions of people.

You gave the Example of Gandhiji. But let me tell you that, If Blogging was at that time, than Gandhiji's work would be very easy. Anyway forget that topic.......

Let me give u my example. Let me tell you that why I have started the blog 'MY Journey To Billionaire Club' in the Middle of the Recession (March 2008). I have not started my blog during the middle of the recession to earn few bugs or to do wastage of my time.

But I have started this Blog to take the world economy out of the Recession. Do you know that how can we take our world out of Recession? Not according to your way..... Means throwing food to those roadside children.

But We can take this world out of recession by creating more jobs in the Economy. And Do you know that How can we create jobs in the Economy? Do you know that who can create jobs in the Economy?

Well, Entrepreneurs can take our world out of the Recession by developing Businesses & Creating jobs in the Economy.

And I have started my Blog to create Entrepreneurs in the Economy. Than and only the problems you are discussing about (Poverty & Hungry Children) will be solved. But Creating Entrepreneurs is not about doing a physical work. But its about changing the mind set of people.

You won't believe that but within 1 year, I have created 3 dozen Entrepreneurs in the Indian Economy. By reading the inspirational reading of 'MY Journey To Billionaire Club', 40 people have chosen to start their own part time Businesses.

And today they have provided employment to hundreds of people in their Companies. If I had thought like you (Blogging is wastage of Time) than Today our Economy would have 40 less Entrepreneurs & hundreds of jobs.

But Today I am feeling satisfied & Successful. I am earning just few dollars per month from my blog from which I can buy hardly a SubWay Sandwich. But I am satisfied because I have created the Entrepreneurs in the Economy via my Blog which otherwise would not have created in any way.......

And you are talking about Poverty? Do you think that Creating Entrepreneurs is wastage of time?

Ok Than I give you an Open Challenge.........

Create 40 Entrepreneurs like me in 1 year of span without wasting your Time (Blogging). Create hundreds of jobs by motivating people.

And now please for god's sake, Don't tell me that Creating Jobs in the Economy is wastage of Time. Ask those Entrepreneurs who have inspired by my blog to start Businesses & create jobs in the economy. If they say that, I was wasting my time than I will right away stop blogging.........


Here is a Response from Mr.Balasubramanyam

“I will not take up your challenge to create 40 entrepreneurs in one year like you, instead I will agree with your post that say that you are doing great work with your blog.

My only comment is that 40 entrepreneurs in a one billion population is rather a drop in the ocean, even though every drop does count.

And my quarrel is not with people like you who create 40 entrepreuners a year with their blogs, but with those bloggers who don't do this or produce an equivalent output for their efforts.”

Asav Patel

Today I have seen the Advertisement in the local news paper from very reputed Brokerage House. The advertisement was like this,

“In a slow market, every paisa matters. That’s why ****** (Brokerage House), the complete financial Super Market, offers you one of the lowest brokerages in the market.

With ***** Trading Account, you pay only 1 paisa for every Rs.100 worth of stocks and/or commodities Traded Intra-day. That means each paisa that you Invest works harder for you – helping you invest more and save more…!!!”

I really can’t understand that, why everybody uses the term ‘Trading’ & ‘Investment’ interchangeably?

Is Trading an Investment? Why such type of Brokerage Houses & Large Investment firms misguide the people? Why they call Trading an Investment?

Remember, Trading is not at all an Investment (According to the book ‘The Intelligent Investor’ by Benjamin Graham, The Guru of Warren Buffet.)

Not everyone in the market who buys and sells securities is an Investor. Trading is not an Investment but its a Speculation.

Unfortunately Media Channels, Financial Advisors & Brokerage houses consider everyone who buys or sells securities as an Investor. No matter at what price they buy, at which fundamentals and for how much time?

According to them, if you buy penny stocks than also it is an Investment & you are an Investor. If you trade (Speculate) stocks than also it is an Investment. The word ‘Investment’ is become so much popular now a days that we use this word in each and every conversations.

But please don’t mix Speculation (Trading) with Investments…….!!!!!!!!!

Asav Patel

Become Rich: Be a Rich Kid in the Information Age

‘How to be Rich?’ is the most common question that people of every age group ask especially to Finance Bloggers like me. Every month, I receive Queries from literally hundreds of people that ‘How to become Rich?”, '”Write something about getting Rich”….etc….

Well, The question ‘How to be rich’ is very vague & the answer can be anything. Because you can be Rich by doing so many things. You can get rich by doing some high paying job at some Company or by doing your own Business or by doing Investments or by anything else……….

There are literally thousands of ways to be Rich. A Musician can be Rich. An Actor can be rich. A Singer can be rich. A Writer can be rich. A Business owner & Investor can be Rich. A Technopreneur can be rich.

So I really don’t know that, how to answer this question?

I really don’t know that how to summarize all the things & put it in one Article.

So Let us discuss today the Power of Information Age & How more and more young Internet Entrepreneurs are & will become Rich after the birth of the Internet……….!!!!!!!!

Have you ever think or observed that, Why more and more young people are becoming rich after the birth of the Internet?

Previously, if someone wanted to be Rich than he/she Must had to work hard for years & decades to grow their Business & Investments. And after the hard work of decades, they used to be Rich in their forties & fifties…………

But after the birth of the Internet, people in their twenties & early thirties started becoming multi-millionaires & Billionaires…..!!!!

Take the Example of Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of the Mark is only 24 today and he is the youngest, self-made billionaire according to Forbes 2008 (Net Worth US $ 1.5 Billions).

Take the Example of Larry Page, the founder of Larry is 37 today & he is the sixth richest person of USA according to Forbes 2009.

The founders of, & Microsoft became billionaires in their early thirties.

Kevin Rose, The founder of has made US $ 60 Millions in just 18 months.

Not only this but right now there are so many Bloggers around this world, who are earning literally millions of dollars per year from their blog and their blogs are wroth of Millions of Dollars.

So What all of these suggest? Well, it suggests that, if you want to be Rich, Ultra-Rich in your young age than you Must follow the laws of Information Age & you must start your Business with the Information Age.

Yes. You must start a Web Business if you want to be Rich in your young age. Because Web properties appreciate much faster than the Traditional offline assets such as stocks, bonds, gold & real estate………!!!

Take the Example of this Blog. The Net Worth of this Blog is US $ 6,777 (Rs.3.40 Lakhs). Not only this but the Net Worth of this Blog has increased to 100% in just 70 days only. And right now this Blog is growing at more than 50% Compounded Annually.

So this is the power of Information Age & starting your Business in the Internet.

Asav Patel

At Last, Google has considered my Request & it has unlocked “MY Journey To Billionaire Club”.

Just 2 Days back, Google Bot has locked MJ2BC after considering it as a Spam.

Just few hours back, When I opened my Blogger Account, I found that, Google has unlocked this blog after reviewing it.

They have confirmed that, This Blog is not a Spam & Finally released this Blog from their Custody. Now I can post as much posts as I want.

I am really thankful to all of you who have commented on the previous post and requested Google that This Blog is not a Spam. It is because of your request, Google has considered my request to unlock this Blog.

I am thankful to Jaladhi Desai, Bhavin, Chirag Jethmalani, Soham, Mishti, Sherin & Raag Vamdatt for their valuable request to google.

I am also thankful to 2 other people who have not commented but when I asked for their help via e-mail, they have replied me within few hours.

Both of them are the famous Personal Finance Bloggers. When I have contacted them via e-mail, they are so much kind that they have replied me within few hours. I am a great fan & a follower of their great Blogs. Here they are…….

01) J D Roth of Get Rich Slowly Blog -

When I have e-mailed J D for his urgent help, he had replied soon and gave me the assurance that,

“I've had similar things happen before on other blogs. Google should have included a link that would lead you to the review process. They want you to submit a review request so that they know there's a real human behind the blog. You should follow that. If I knew anybody at Google, I'd help you, but I don't. Your best bet is to follow the procedures they outline. I think they will listen to you...”

Not only this. But I hade posted this issue to Get Rich Slowly Forum also. And one of their moderator Cleverbeans has assisted me in solving this query.

Cleverbeans has given me the following Golden advise for my Blog. Thank you Cleverbeans….!!!

“Well spam is generally detected by individuals so it means some people who visited your site marked the site as spam. I see three main issues, web design, and subject matter. Unfortunately personal finance is one of the topics that attracts the most spam, so sites about how to make or handle money are more likely to be considered spam.
Secondly, your website looks like an advertisement. The most prominent feature on the screen when I visited was a large glossy ad for a work from home program. The American public is very skeptical of that sort of program.
Secondly, The text looks like an advertisement as well, you've got a lot of exclamation marks and bold text, in a question/answer format that gives away the fact that you're not a native English speaker. . The advertisement density on the site is also to high. Every link has an advertisement that pops up, instantly marked as spam. If someone actually read the text they could see the legitimacy of it, however no one is getting that far into the process.
Here is a good resource to get you started.

Cleverbeans has raised the nice issue. According to him, this blog looks like an advertisement & the English language is not proper. Yes, This is true. I am not a native English speaker.

Well, I need to seriously reconsider about the design. As I am not a Techie…. So it is very difficult for me to redesign this blog. But i think i should take some professional help.

02) Lazy Man & Money -

Another Personal Finance Blog, I follow & suggest anyone is Lazyman & Money. When I have contacted to its owner, He has replied within few hours of my e-mail.

“Get your own domain and host it with wordpress software. If you let
someone else (like Google) control your words this is always a risk
you take.

I don't know how to get Google to change...”

Lazyman’s advise is also correct I think. I should go for private domain & host it with wordpress software. So that in the future, this problem won’t occur.

Thank you Lazyman……. For your advise. I will definitely think about this advise. Thx for replying me.

So once again……. I am thankful to all of you for your kind support & of course GOOGLE for understanding the concern & unlocking this Blog.

Anyway…… The Journey To Billionaire Club will be continued now………..!!!!!!!!!

So Get ready for new Article……..!!!!!!!!!

Asav Patel
Google has locked my Blog today. Today when I opened my account, I was greeted by following message.
"This blog has been locked due to possible Blogger Terms of Service violations. You may not publish new posts until your blog is reviewed and unlocked.
This blog will be deleted within 20 days unless you request a review"

According to Google's Spider, This Blog has been flaged as a Spam & it requires a Human approval from their side to unlock it..........!!!!!!

Dear Google......For God's Sake..............Don't delete this Blog..............
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Google Analytics: The Amazing Tool to Optimize your web traffic

Bill Gates told in his Book, “Business @ Speed of thought” that, “How you gather, manage & analyze the Information will determine your Success….”

It means that, in the Information Age your Success is dependent on how you gather, manage & analyze the Information.

Google Analytics is the Best tool to analyze the Information about your Web traffic.

- How to Incorporate Google Analytics in your Website/Blog?

Well, you can sign in with your Google user name & password. Google Analytics will provide you an HTML code that you have to copy and paste into your Blog/Website’s Template according to their advise.

Once you incorporate the code in your website, within 24 hours all the detailed information about the web traffic of your site will start flowing into analytics. You can analyze these Information for your benefits.

- How to analyze Web traffic with Google Analytics?

Well, Google Analytics will give you accurate information about your web traffic such as daily page views, unique visitors, Geographical Distribution of you traffic, Key words (Means from which key words the traffic entered into your site via Google Search) and many more parameters……

It will also tell you that which articles of your Blog are most popular. & which are the top Entry & Exit pages of your site/Blog.

I use Keywords analysis very often. It helps me to update my Blog content. I can get the idea about what my visitors searched for on this Blog & what they did not find on this blog and left this blog.

So I add those posts into this blog so that next time they can find these Information on this Blog. With the help of Google Analytics, I can know that which Information is lacking in this Blog and there is a demand in the market for that Information.

- Example – How I used Google Analytics to Monetize the web traffic of this Blog?

Well, Few months back, i wrote an article about Ratan Tata. The article was original and i did a lot of hard work to create that Article. But after few weeks of posting, I came to know from Analytics that, People have searched for ‘The Net Worth of Ratan Tata’ and this Information was lacking in my original post.

So I made a separate post ‘The Net worth of Ratan Tata’ and posted it. And you won’t believe but after posting that single post, my web traffic increased several folds. Because so many people on the web were searching for the same query. So all of them now started coming to my Blog.

After that, I used Google Analytics very seriously to complete the Information on this Blog. It helped me a Lot.

So I also advise you to do the same. Analyze the Information with the help of Google Analytics.

Useful Resources -

01) Google Analytics Blog – On this Blog you will find latest updates and articles about the basic features of Google Analytics.

02) Google Analytics on Wikipedia – Read What Wikipedia says about Google Analytics.

Asav Patel

Google AdSense in India -

Since last couple of months, I am receiving so many queries regarding the use of Google AdSense in India. Is it effective? Or is it profitable? Or can I make a living on Google AdSense and like that…….

Let me solve all of the queries about Google AdSense here.

01) What is Google AdSense & Why is it so much popular?

Well, Google AdSense is the amazing program developed by Google, the Search Engine Giant. You are seeing the adds surrounding this Article. These adds are supplied by AdSense. So whenever a reader (You) clicks on these adds, I will get paid few amount of money.

Of course, it will be a very small amount. You can say a fraction of a Dollar. But these small amounts can make a huge Income at the end of the Month. Last Month, I have earned US $ 14.28 from this Blog. This Blog is just 1 year old.

Google generates US $ 20 Billion of profit each year & 99% of its profit comes from Google AdSense program & that’s why it is so much popular.

02) Can I make a Living on Google AdSense & How? -

Of course yes. You can make a Living on Google AdSense. All you require is a Giant Blog/Website with a Creative content.

Right now Amit Agarwal of, A Technology Blog is earning 6 figure Income in Dollars every year from Google AdSense. Amit is from Agra. Amit has started his Blog in 2004 & today he is earning 6 figure Income in Dollars from this Amazing program. So it is possible to make a Living on Google AdSense.

According to Amit, you have to be persistent in Blogging. If you post 5-7 posts per day for few years, you can make this much of earning. But of course your content should be Informative, Genuine & Interesting.

03) Who are the Top Most earners of Google AdSense?

Well, Unfortunately we don’t have list of Indians who are making huge money from Google AdSense. But I have a list of some bloggers all around the world who are making 6 figure earning per year from Google AdSense.

Top Google AdSense Earners

04) How can I open a Google AdSense account?

Well, to open a Google AdSense account, you must have a fully functional website or a Blog. Once you have a website or a Blog, Go to this Page & apply for registration.

Fill the above form & submit it. Google will usually review your application in 2-3 days and if it approves, you will be provided an active account and you can start earning right away.

05) Which are the alternatives of Google AdSense?

Well, Chitika, AdBrite, Amazon e-mall are some alternatives of Google AdSense. But let me tell you that, these alternatives are not that much effective.

06) How much time it will take from my web site to earn money from AdSense?

Well, it really depends. The Revenue is directly proportional to the web traffic. The more web traffic you have, the more will be the Revenue. If your website or Blog is already established than you can start earning heavy duty money from the first day. But if you have just launched the Blog than you have to wait for few months or a year to grow the web traffic and thus the Revenue.

If you ask me than, “My Journey To Billionaire Club” has taken almost 6 months to generate a first Revenue. First month I have earned only US $ 3.64 from this Blog.

07) Can I make millions of dollars from Google AdSense?

Of course yes. You can make millions of dollars each year from Google AdSense. But for that, your Website/Blog should be Giant with literally millions of page views and visitors daily.

08) I have heard about Google AdSense Click Frauds. What are they & How they work?

Well some people fraudulently click on the adds to earn money. But this does not last long.

Read here the Article from about this.

Don’t participate in Click frauds. You will be banned permanently from Google AdSense.

Asav Patel

ICICI Pru Life

5 Simple steps to arrive at an ideal Retirement Plan

Step 1: Decide how much income you require to live comfortably in your post-retirement years. Remember to take into account aspects like increased medical costs, vacations and gifts for family, but reduce costs like children's education and rent, if you own your home. Use our easy Inflation Index Calculator to calculate the impact of inflation.

Step 2: Determine how much you need to save regularly, starting today. Use our Retirement Calculator to determine how large a kitty you will need and how much you need to save each year.

Step 3: Select the right retirement plan that enables you to meet your post-retirement requirements. Preferably invest in market-linked plans, which can provide you with potentially higher returns in the long run. Our Life Stage Profiler will help you select the plan that meets your criteria

Step 4: Start saving now so you have time on your side and can enjoy the power of compounding. Use our simple Power of Compounding Calculator.

Step 5: Systematically invest a fixed amount every month for your post-retirement years.

Asav Patel


pension plan or an annuity is an investment that is made either in a single lump sum payment or through installments paid over a certain number of years, in return for a specific sum that is received every year, every half-year or every month, either for life or for a fixed number of years.

Annuities differ from all the other forms of life insurance in that an annuity does not provide any life insurance cover but, instead, offers a guaranteed income either for life or a certain period.

Typically annuities are bought to generate income during one's retired life, which is why they are also called pension plans. By buying an annuity or a pension plan the annuitant receives guaranteed income throughout his life. He also receives lump sum benefits for the annuitant's estate in addition to the payments during the annuitant's lifetime.

Right now following Banks are offering Retirement Plans


- ICICI Pru Life



Asav Patel


Recently I read a post from, - Reality check: You're not going to make money from your blog

The Post was totally demoralizing. If you want to start out your career as a Blogger than please don’t read this post. You will be totally demoralized.

According to the post, if you want to be a Successful Blogger & want to create a Money Making Blog than you must come from a big Media Back ground. Not only this but the post also says that, you should be an excellent writer otherwise the chances of your success are very less.

Well, Let me tell you here that, I don’t think so. Let me give you my Example. I am a doctor & i don’t  have any media experience & still I am running “MY JOURNEY TO BILLIONAIRE CLUB” Successfully. Let me tell you here that I am not a writer at all still I am successfully running this Blog and making money from it.

So What it takes for Successful Blogging?

Well, it takes PERSISTENCE & PASSION for successful Blogging.

If you are PASSIONATE about what you are blogging about & somehow you be a persistent for few years than you can convert your blog in a Cash machine.

If you can post 5-7 posts per Day for few years than you can be a Great Blogger. The only thing is that, The Content should be original and creative.

Let me tell you that, it’s a matter of Information. I mean How Giant your portfolio of Information (Blog Archive) is, will determine your Blogging Success.

The more Giant you are, the more successful you are. It does not have anything to do with quality. If you can provide useful Information that people really need than your Blog is a Success.

The article also says that, Blogging is very time consuming & it will consume lots of your valuable time. But well, who says that, Be a Writer for whole of your Life? Once your Blog will achieve a sufficient size, you can higher more authors from the profit of that Blog. They will write for your Blog & your Blog will grow automatically after that. The only hard work behind any blog is initial few years. Because in initial few years, you have to be Giant & Popular.

Once your Blog becomes Giant & Popular, you can higher authors for it and after that you sail away for world tour.

My Advise -

According to me, Blogging is a perfect Web Business for those who want to retire early i.e. in their early thirties.

$$$ –> The Golden Advise -

Another thing I want to tell you here is that, Re-Invest your Blog Profit behind developing a Brand Value of your Blog.

I mean don’t spend your Blog Profit behind your daily expenses. But re-invest it in your Blog. I mean Do a Marketing of your Blog. Google AdWords is the Best tool to market your Blog.

Spending behind Google AdWrods is an Investment. Because it will develop your Blog’s Brand Value in people’s mind. It will show people that, you are here to provide a service to them. You are not going to run away.

Of course, Initially you won’t see any benefit. But over the time, your Blog’s Popularity will increase several folds. And thus Profit. Again Re-invest that profit behind developing a Brand of your Blog until your Blog becomes world famous.

Remember my friends, This is the Information Age. And in the Information Age, your success is determined by ‘How many Eyeballs you Control’…….!!!!!!!!!

Asav Patel

Retirement Planning: Why You should Start Early?

Once upon a time, I asked my friend who is 28 years old that, “How do you plan for Retirement?”

He started laughing & told me that, Dude, I am just 28 years old today and there is a long way to retire. Why to think today about Retirement?

Well, This is the common mindset of young people. They think that Retirement Planning is something that should be think when you are near your retirement. Many people think that, Old people think about Retirement Planning.

But Let me tell you honestly that, Retirement Planning is for young people. It is better that you start your retirement planning as early as possible in your life means NOW….!!!!!!

Ideally, the day you start earning, you should start thinking about your Retirement Planning.

Yes, It is that much important and that’s why I have highlighted the above statement. It is very important that you start savings & Investing for your Retirement from the day you start earning.

Why to Start Early?

Well, because to make Compound Interest work in favour of you. Let me give you a Simple Example here.

$ – The Power of Compound Interest & Why to Start Early? -

Let's take an example to understand it better. Say X is 28 years and wants to retire at 60. S/he has 32 years to go. If s/he starts investing Rs 1,500 per month for the next 30 years, then at the rate of 15 per cent (assuming s/he is doing a systematic investment plan in equity mutual funds) s/he will have a corpus of Rs 1.03 crore.

Where as if you don't start at an early and at 50 you decide to start investing then to have a corpus of Rs one crore you will require an investment of Rs 41,500 per month!

While this may not be possible starting your retirement planning when young is. It is not necessary to start with a bang. You can start with small amounts and increase it as your salary increases. Also, if you start early and you have time with you, you can gain advantage of high returns and maximise your investments by investing in equities or equity mutual funds

So according to above Example, it is better to start savings & Investing small amounts early rather than earning & saving lots of money in the later life…….!!!!!!!!

So That’s why start planning your Retirement Early. In the next few Articles, I will teach you that How to design a perfect Retirement Plan?….

Asav Patel

All About Facebook Applications -

As all of you know that, I am very much optimistic about the Information Age & Online Assets. Today we will discuss about one new type of Asset Class & that is Facebook Applications.

Yes, you have read true. Facebook Applications are New Asset Class.

Owning a Facebook Application (or a portfolio of Facebook Apps) is just like owning Stocks, Bonds, Gold, Real Estate, Businesses, Art, Cricket Team, Rare Wine & any other Asset Class……..

This is the Information Age & gone are the days of traditional offline Assets. Online Assets appreciates much faster than the traditional offline assets (Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate…etc..).

$ - So are Facebook Applications Profitable?

Of course Yes. Facebook Applications are most profitable online assets. Few Facebook Applications earn as high as US $ 15 Millions per Annum.

$ - How to make money from Facebook Applications?

Well, there are basically 2 broad ways to make money from your Facebook Application.

01) Income -

Well, You can earn 2 types of Income by your FB App. One is Advertisement Income in which via third party you display the Advertisements on your FB App & whenever a User clicks on those adds, you are getting paid.

Second way to earn from FB Apps is by Selling Virtual Goods. You will be surprised by knowing that Selling Virtual Goods will make much more money for you rather than displaying third party adds on it.

So How making money from Selling Virtual Goods is Possible? Well, I will give you 2 Examples & you will understand that how can you earn money by Selling Virtual Goods by FB App.

- (Fluff) Friends -

(fluff)friends — a game reminiscent of the Japanese Tamagochi digital pets that you need to care for to prevent from virtually dying. In (fluff)friends, you choose a free virtual pet (or buy a fancier one) and display it on your profile page, let your friends pet it, feed it with virtual treats, enter it into virtual races, and adopt mini pets to keep it company — and a lot more, but you get the picture. You start caring about a cute virtual animal and all the things you can do with it, and pretty soon you whip out your credit card so you can buy it those virtual treats to make it grow virtually strong for the big virtual race. (This game is addicting for some personality types, but sadly not mine. See screenshot.)
The application has 112,229 daily active users now; note that this metric fluctuates based on time of day, week, month and season). Co-founder Mike Sego, a Google engineer currently on leave to focus on the application, isn’t giving any revenue numbers, except to say that the app makes more than a dollar per month per daily active users. That means somewhere in the low six digits, at least. Also, a fraction of the app’s paying users, he says, are spending hundreds or even thousands on their pets

It means that, Fluff Friends is making literally 6 Digit Income per Month in dollars for its owners.

- Mob Wars -

According to Industry sources, The Mob War will make US $ 15 Millions in next year by selling Virtual Goods in the Game.

These are just the 2 Examples of Facebook Apps. There are literally thousands….!!!!

02) Capital Gains -

Another way to make huge profit from Facebook Application is Capital Gains. Means you sell it for few years. & once it become popular, You sell it for Millions of Dollars.

So How to know the Net Worth of your FB App? Well, Here is a Site on which you can check the Valuation of any FB App.

You can sell your established FB application for literally millions of Dollars.

$ – How to Invest in FB Applications? -

So Next time if you have spare Money, you can Invest it in FB Applications. There are lots of Freelance writers who can make FB application for you for Money.

So Where to Find these Facebook Application Developers?

Well, On you will find hundreds of Facebook application developers. Elance is a reputed website where freelance writers hang out.

$ – So Why FB Applications are profitable?

Well, you may not know that but the last month, Facebook has crossed the 200 Million Mark. Means now Facebook has 200 Million Users worldwide. Do you know that what it means?

Well, it means that The Population of Facebook is 5 times more than the population of the New York.

& If Facebook was a country than it was world’s fifth largest country population wise.

It means that, FB applications are profitable because of its users. You will find nowhere in the world this much amount of web traffic. Remember, Revenue is proportional to Web traffic.

$ – How much Money should I have to Invest to develop 1 Facebook Application?

Well, it really depends on so many factors such as which type of facebook application you want to build? Simple or 3D, Small-Medium or Large, Features you want….etc….

The fair market rate of FB Developers is US $ 12-25 per Hour.

If you want to make a Small FB Application than usually it will cost you around US $ 600 (Rs.30,000). For Medium Applications it will take US $ 1200 (Rs.60,000) & for large sized applications, it will take around US $ 2000-2500 (Rs.1 – 1.25 Lakhs).

However, it may go much more higher than this also.

But remember, Success of any FB app is not dependent on its size but its uniqueness, usefulness & its popularity.

Now in countries like India, I don’t think that you can afford Rs.30,000 to Rs.1.5 Lakhs behind Investing in such Asset classes. You spend lakhs of rupees behind IPOs & Speculation in the market than why not Invest in such type of Assets?

$ – Isn’t it Risky? -

You will than ask me that, Isn’t this type of Investment Risky?

Of course yes. Investment is FB app is Risky just like Investment in any other Asset class such as Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, Businesses….etc…..

But if you have designed a FB app by using your brain than the chances are very unlikely that it will fail because there are more than 200 Million FB Users world wide.

Useful Resources -

01) Third party Providers for your Facebook Application – Here is a Complete List of all the third party providers for your Facebook application.

02) Common Business Models for Facebook Applications – Here are the possible ways to make money from your Facebook Application

03) Elance Blog: Facebook Hits 200 m Users..So Where is your App? – See How profitable your Facebook Applications can be?

Asav Patel

ICICI Loan Against Gold

ICICI Bank presents “Loan Against Gold Ornaments”, designed to provide liquidity against gold ornaments without having to sell them.

This product is ideal to meet agriculture and allied agriculture requirements like cultivation, dairy, poultry, fishery, etc. Gold ornaments lying idle can be put to productive use by availing Loan Against Gold Ornaments.

The product is packed with features such as :

  • Hassle-free quick processing of loans.
  • Simplified paperwork.
  • Easy payment options.
  • Attractive interest rate.

So what are you waiting for?

Just walk into any of the select ICICI Bank branches offering this product and get a loan after a thorough valuation of your gold ornaments. ICICI’s lending rate per gram of gold will pleasantly surprise you.

Asav Patel

Gold Loans

HDFC Loan Against Gold

Let the gold add glitter to your life. Unlock the value of your gold while you continue to own it.

With HDFC Bank's Gold Loan, you can get an instant loan against your gold jewellery and ornaments. The procedure is simple, documentation is minimal and approval is quick.

Features & Benefits -

- Avail Loan upto Rs.10,00,000 & upto 80% of value for any purpose*

- Safety & Security of your Gold Jewellery

- Loan processed in 30 Minutes

- ATL - Anytime Liquidity

- No EMI, Service only Interest and enjoy the Loan facility

- Lower Interest Rates - Your savings can be Invested in several Investment Avenues

- If you are an HDFC Bank customer, HDFC Bank has special rates for you !!!

How to Apply for HDFC Gold Loan?

Well, you have to visit your nearest HDFC Branch to apply for a Loan against Gold. That’s it. It’s that much easy…….!!!!!!!

Asav Patel

Dane Carlson of Business-Opportunities Blog

If it was the 1960s and I started Google, it would work something like this……………

Asav Patel

Recently SBI (State Bank of India) has introduced the ‘SBI Gold Loan Scheme’.

Previously SBI has launched Gold Deposit scheme in which you can deposit your Gold and get a Gold Certificate from SBI. Now this time you can take Loan against Gold with SBI.

Here is a Scheme -


Size of Credit Limit Rate of Interest
Up to Rs.1,00,000/- At SBAR i.e. 12.25% per Annum
Above Rs.1,00,000/- 0.50 above SBAR i.e. 12.75% per Annum

Advantages of SBI Gold Loans -

- Easily available

- No Income Proof required

- Low Income or disqualified for traditional loan people can also avail this Loan.

- Quick Approval

- Available on branches of SBI across the India

Asav Patel

Everyone has its core value. A Typical Employees also have their core value. If you want to be a Successful Entrepreneur than you Must have an ability to be a good listener. Because than and only you will be able to identify a good employee for your Business.

Here are the Core Values of a Typical Employee -

- ‘I want to find a SAFE & SECURE Job.’

- ‘What will be the RETIREMENT BENEFITS if I work here for my 65 years of age?’

- ‘SAFETY’ & ‘BENEFITS’ are the two main keywords that employees commonly use in their speech.

In Investments also they find Safety. The word ‘Risk’ Demoralize them & turn down their Moral.

Disadvantages of being an Employee -

Previously (Before 1990), it was very advantageous to be an Employee. Because before the birth of the Internet, it was the Industrial Age. And in the Industrial age, it was a good idea to find a safe & secure job, work hard, live paycheck to paycheck & retire ate the age of 65 years.

But after the birth of the Internet, being an Employee and finding a safe, secure job is no longer an effective idea. And there are 2 reasons for that.

- One is in the modern world (The World of Globalization), there is no more job security. Because of the Recession & Global economic meltdown, the job security is no where. The word ‘Job Security’ is now obsolete.

- Second is that, after the birth of the Internet, it becomes so much easy to retire in your thirties & forties. There is no need to work hard like a slave at your job place and retire at the age of 65 when you become partially disabled. If you do a Business in the Information Age (Interne Business) than you can retire in your twenties & thirties.

There are so many Internet Entrepreneurs around this world who have made literally millions of dollars in their twenties & early thirties.

So in the Information Age, there is no meaning of being an employee and working like a slave at your job place for whole of your life.

Asav Patel

Yesterday I received a Query from a Reader.

“I have a question and thought you should be the person to ask. I wish to open a demat account but am confused as there are many providers like India Infoline, ShareKhan, etc.. I heard that their brokerage rates differ. I want to trade online and it provide me maximum assistance for online purchase/selling of shares. I would be grateful if you suggest me a good provider.”

(********* – Sorry I can’t disclose the name of my reader without his/her permission.)

Solutions of a Query -

Well, You are absolutely right. Right now there are so many service providers in the market that choosing a perfect Online Demat account for trading is itself a Job.

There are so many advantages of having Online Demat Account especially for those who are IPO lovers. because in case of Online Demat accounts, you can fill the IPO without any paperwork.

Here are the few reputed Service providers which are in the Business  of providing online Demat account.

01) Motiwal Oswal


03) IDBI Paisabuilder




07) Kotaksecurties

08) JV Capital Services

09) SBI Demat Online Trading

Well, If you ask me than, personally I use because I don’t do trading. and my own account is with ICICI Bank so its convenient to have demat account with ICICIDirect.

But you want to do trading. And I think is not good for trading. For a Trading you should select those sites which provides Virtual Online Terminal.

Second thing is that, you should select those Demat services which give you some FREE reports about Call & Puts, Futures & Options.

So I think is Best for you. Once upon a time, I had personally used & I feel that it is the single best site for you if you want to start an online trading.

So Go For

Asav Patel

Anshe Chung has become the first online personality to achieve a net worth exceeding one million US dollars from profits entirely earned inside a virtual world.

Recently featured on the cover of Business Week Magazine, Anshe Chung is a resident in the virtual world Second Life. Inside Second Life, Anshe buys and develops virtual real-estate in an official currency, known as Linden Dollars, which is convertible to US Dollars. There is also a liquid market in virtual real estate, making it possible to assess the value of her total holdings using publicly available statistics.

The fortune Anshe Chung commands in Second Life includes virtual real estate that is equivalent to 36 square kilometers of land – this property is supported by 550 servers or land "simulators". In addition to her virtual real estate holdings, Anshe has "cash" holdings of several million Linden Dollars, several virtual shopping malls, virtual store chains, and she has established several virtual brands in Second Life.  She also has significant virtual stock market investments in Second Life companies.

Anshe Chung's achievement is all the more remarkable because the fortune was developed over a period of two and a half years from an initial investment of $9.95 for a Second Life account by Anshe's creator, Ailin Graef.  Anshe/Ailin achieved her fortune by beginning with small scale purchases of virtual real estate which she then subdivided and developed with landscaping and themed architectural builds for rental and resale. Her operations have since grown to include the development and sale of properties for large scale real world corporations, and have led to a real life "spin off" corporation called Anshe Chung Studios, which develops immersive 3D environments for applications ranging from education to business conferencing and product prototyping.
Ailin Graef was born and raised in Hubei, China, but is currently a citizen of Germany. She runs Anshe Chung Studios with her husband Guntram Graef, who serves as CEO of the company. Anshe Chung Studios has offices in Wuhan, China and is currently seeking to expand its workforce from 25 to 50.  (Pictures of the Wuhan offices are available here).

The valuation of the virtual land holdings is based on property value statistics published by Linden Lab and current simulator prices.  Based on these statistics a valuation of one million dollars in virtual assets is conservative, and the actual value may be significantly higher.

This estimate only includes the valuation of the avatar Anshe Chung's virtual assets at current market rates. It does not include the real world assets of Anshe Chung Studios. It also does not include any valuation based on expected revenue, expected profits or any other intangible business equity (such as brand value or good will). It does not include assets owned in other virtual worlds such as IMVU, There or Entropia Universe.

Anshe Chung and Anshe Chung Studios are independent and not affiliated with other entities such as virtual world platform operators or marketing firms. Anshe Chung Studios is fully owned by Anshe Chung's creator and her partner and has been wholly financed from virtual world profits.
Above all, Anshe Chung stresses the importance of community in her vision of the virtual worlds and work spaces that she and others are pioneering together.  Her goal is not merely to build a corporation, but to foster the development and growth of online communities, and to help make the entry of real world corporations into Second Life and other regions of the metaverse as frictionless as possible.  It is her philosophy that Second Life is above all a social space, and that corporate entrants that respect the community will be the most successful.

Asav Patel


The online virtual world, Second Life, recently crowned it’s first real life millionaire. This milestone brings home the fact that virtual worlds with real economies are going to be a huge part of the internet’s future. Maybe bigger than YouTube in the same way that video games overtook the revenues of the film industry simply because players can interact with the story. In Second Life you are the story.

Second Life is a world of almost 2 million people where your avatar (your three dimensional character) can meet and chat with other people. As John Chow recently commented on his blog, virtually anything is possible. Big corporations hold meetings in Second Life. Reuters recently conducted an interview with Nintendo President Reggie Fils-Aime in Second Life. NBC sponsored a tree lighting ceremony that mirrored the annual tree lighting in Rockefeller Center. You can buy, sell or rent land. You can create your own clothes, house, or working spaceship.

Alright, so how do you make money in this Second Life?

Getting started with Second Life

The first thing you need is a good, fast internet connection and a good, fast computer with a great graphics card. Basically, the same thing you would need if you were into online gaming. It’s a three dimensional world and the graphics are intense.

Then you need to sign up to Second Life. They have a free basic account and this is a good place to start. You can upgrade to a premium account for 10 bucks a month once you get the feel of things.

Linden Dollars

Every person in Second Life gets a stipends or weekly salary of a few hundred Linden dollars ($L). Linden dollars can be converted into US dollars at around 250 to 1. That means that 1 Linden dollar is worth about a half cent in real money.

In addition to the stipends, you can work for someone or start your own business to earn Linden dollars or you can buy them at online currency exchanges with real dollars. This feature of Linden dollars and US dollars being interchangable makes it possible to turn your virtual income into real income. So much so, that Congress has met to discuss the future of taxing this income.

Earning a Living in Second Life

There are a number of things you can do to earn money in SL. How much you can earn depends on your skills, your creativity and your business savvy, just as in real life. There are many people who earn a couple or a few thousand real dollars every month from their Second Life work.

Minimum Wage Jobs

There are lots of these. They typically pay 2 or 3 Linden dollars per 10 minutes of work and they involve kicking back in a chair and chatting with your friends. What? They pay you to relax?!! Yes or at some places you can push a broom or stand on a dance pad that animates your avatar. Basically you get paid just to be at the location.

The reason business owners will pay you just to be there is that people go to second life to meet new people and chat with them. The Second Life satellite map is a lot like Google Earth. People are drawn to places where there are groups of other people which is shown in the map as a collection of green dots. So having traffic will bring you more traffic and you can make enough money to pay your ‘employees’ and earn a profit by selling your wares or offering casino games.

Dancing, Hosting and Management Jobs

If you’ve got a hot avatar, which you can design yourself or purchase, then you might find work at one of the clubs as an exotic dancer. As a dancer, some places will pay you a wage and you can earn tips.

If you’re outgoing and a great chatter, you might be able to earn a little more as a club host, hostess or manager.

Design and Construction Businesses

With 3d modeling, photoshop or programming skills you can start to make some good money. If you have two or all of these skills, then the sky is the limit.

  • 3d modeling. You can build and sell anything you can imagine from custom avator bodies to vehicles, plants, homes and commercial buildings. Pretty much anything. If it’s well designed, people will buy it. You can download Second Life’s basic avatar bodies and modify them yourself using Poser.
  • Photoshop. Creating custom textures for anything from clothing design to marble flooring can earn you good money. Fashion in Second Life is big business just as it is in the real world. Everyone wants to look good.
  • Programming. SL script is used to animate avatars and objects. It can make your avatar dance. It makes a slot machine work or a spaceship fly. Programmers bring SL to life with animation and functionality.

Become a Real Estate Mogul

Anshe Chung is an SL property developer and may very well become Second Life’s first billionaire. She has amassed property and holdings worth over $250 million Linden which translates into $1 million dollars in the real world - She’s the first real world millionaire with income earned entirely from virtual world profits.

Second Life has a First Land program which allows first time buyers to purchase a small plot of real estate below market value. In addition, you can buy land from other residents or at auctions. You can even buy your own private island.

The key to real estate is to buy land, subdivide it into plots and develop those plots with an optimum mix of commercial and residential buildings. Then you can rent these plots out or sell the development.

Like most real world big businesses, Anshe Chung has been at the heart of some controversy for establishing zoning rules on the land she holds - in other words you can’t build a commercial business on a residential plot. She has also evicted renters from land she has purchased, so that she can develop it into a more profitable neighborhood.

Where’s It All Going?

As you can see, many real world business models are possible in Second Life’s virtual world. The few key business opportunites being utilized now will expand as more people develop new ideas. The key is to look at what’s possible in the real world and find a way to bring it to the virtual world.

Then, you just might be Second Life’s next real life millionaire.

Asav Patel

Do you know that, once upon a time in my few Blog Posts, I told you that why I have chosen the Blog Platform to give you Financial Education?

Because the world is changing at so much faster rate after the birth of the Internet (1990) that the old Financial Advises are becoming less and less effective to ensure Financial Success. Previous advises like “go to school, work hard, get good grades, take college degrees, go for jobs, earn money, Save & Invest in the mutual funds for the long term, Diversify & retire at the age of 65” are no longer effective to ensure any kind of Financial Success in your life. In fact if you follow these age old advises in today’s world than you will surely meet the financial disaster.

And that’s why to educate people about Money with the faster changing world, I have chosen the Blog Platform.

And today, I want to give you one such advise of the Modern World. In Today’s World, you can become the Entrepreneur of the Virtual World also and make Real Millions of Dollars.

Yes, It is possible to be the Entrepreneurs in the Games like Second Life and earning lots of real money.

Read my Previous Blog Post, “Create your Own Business in the Second Life”.

If you really have an Entrepreneurial Spirit, Potential & Desire to create your own Businesses than the Game Second Life is for you. I advise you to join the game Second Life as early as possible in your life and start developing your own Virtual Empire there.

I am notvtelling you about playing some game for time pass only. This is the game where you can develop & sell your Virtual Business for Real Money. In fact, right now so many people around this world are making 6 figure earning every year by developing their Virtual Business Empire in this Game.

So there are now 2 worlds for Entrepreneurs. One is the Real World and the second is the Second Life (Virtual) World. You can chose to develop your Empire in any one of them.

Well, Being a Second Life Entrepreneur is not an easy task. It will require a lot of Passion, Mind work, Amazing Communication skills & ability to take Calculated risks. It’s exactly same like being a Real Life Entrepreneur. After all you are dealing with the Real Money.

In Countries like India, being a Second Life Entrepreneur is the next generation concept. This era has to come in India after at least 5 years from now. But if you chose to start your career as a Second Life Entrepreneur than believe me, It’s Worth…………….!!!!!!!!!

After all in the Information Age, you can Sell Virtual Assets (From the Game like Second Life) for Real Money……….!!!!!!!!!!!

Asav Patel

Those who don’t know anything about Second Life, let me first tell you that What is Second Life and How can you do a Business in the Second Life?

Go to the official Website of the Game Second Life.

Well, Second Life is a 3D game. In which Residents of the game (Players like you an Me) develop the virtual world. It’s amazing Game I have ever seen in my life. The Game has its own Economy. You can buy Linden $ (Game) for Real Dollars and than spend it on buying goods, services, Businesses & land.

Roughly, US $ 1 = 260-300 Linden $ (Game Money)

Right now the Giant Companies like IBM, Xerox Corporation and many world class Universities are on Second Life. And they are arranging Seminars, Tutorials & Educational Lectures on the Second Life.

If you earn L $ in Second Life than You can redeem it for real US $.

You can also buy a Land in Second Life & Start your own Business on it. Of course buying a Private Land is not cheap. Buying a Private Island will cost you US $ 1000 (Rs.50,000). Yes, I am not kidding but this is true. Buying your own Private Island in the Second Life will cost you real Money.

In the Game, first of all, you have to create your Account & that’s FREE. You have to choose your ‘Avatar’ in the Game. You can also modify the look of your Avatar for Real Money.

In the start if you don’t have real money to by L$ than you can chose to do a Job. There are many places where you can get a Job.

Right Now so many people around this world are ‘Second Life Entrepreneurs’. Means they are developing their own Empire in the Game Second Life.

if sometimes in future, you want to quit the game for ever than you can also Sell your Assets for L $ in the Game and later on redeem the same for the Real Money.

Isn’t it Amazing?…… You develop your Businesses & Assets in the Virtual World and by selling it you can earn Real Money………..

After all This is the Information Age and in the Information Age, you can create Virtual Businesses in the Games & become Millionaires & Multi-millionaires………..!!!!!!!!

So You can Create your own Business in the Game Second Life & by selling that Business you can make Real Money……….!!!!!!!!

Asav Patel

You haven’t received Dividends on time or are not receiving share certificates or bonus shares? There are processes and bodies in place to help you address your grievances.

Simple Solutions -

- Approach the Company Secretary or register and transfer agent with complaint.

- If not addressed, approach either SEBI or DIS or the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

- Remember to keep copies of all the documents pertinent to the case

- Be aware of what the Company is liable to pay you for delays on their part

- Check weather Legal recourse is possible.

Asav Patel

This is the Information Age & all you need an idea to earn money & get rich quick in your twenties or early thirties.

Do you know that you can earn money online by playing Games also?

Yes……This is true. Right now so many people around this world are making money while playing games only 4 hours a day online.

All you need is the Information about such games & how to make money out of it. Here are few such online games by playing which you can earn Real Money.


Second Life is one such online 3D Game in which you can earn Real Money. There are many others on the web. This is just one Example & to inform you that making money by playing games is possible in the Information Age. If you want to know about other games than search the Google….

There are lots of these types of games on the web.

So How can you make Real Money from Second Life? -

- You can run a Virtual Real Estate Business in the Game & Rent these real estates to other game players for real Money. Many players around this world are making $ 1000-5000 per Month by renting Virtual Properties in the Game….!!!!

02) The Sims Online -

The Sims Online is another such type of Online Multiplayer Game. In this game you can sell the game characters & other Assets online on the e-Bay. There are lots of Assets (Virtual) from this game which are online on the e-Bay for the Sale.

There are many players around this world who chose to quit the game & now they want to sell their developed Assets on the e-Bay.

03) Ultima Online Artifacts -

The Ultima Online Artifacts is another such type of Game. Many people around this world are earning as high as US $ 25,000 – 50,000 per year by playing this Online Game.

There are so many ways in the Ultima Online by which you can earn Money in this game.

In Countries like India, Making Money from Online Games is a very new Concept. But well, $ 1000-5000 per month by playing games means Rs.50,000 to 2.5 Lakhs of Income Per Month.

This is the power of the Information Age. In the Industrial Age, people used to earn Rs.10,000 per month for a one month of hard work. But in the Information age, by playing games for 3-4 hours a day you can earn Rs.50,000 to 2.5 Lakhs per Month………….!!!!!!!!!

So What are you waiting for? Start earning from games Now…….!!!!!!!

Asav Patel

The New York Times

JASON AINSWORTH plays the online game Second Life at least four hours a day. In the game, he runs a virtual real estate development business. But his after-tax profit - about $1,800 a month - is real, and it's enough to pay the mortgage on his home in Las Vegas.

For many people, what are known as massively multiplayer online games have become significant sources of income.

Web sites have sprung up that allow players to use real currency to buy items - like weapons or real estate - that they may want or need for the games.

Games like Second Life, World of Warcraft, Ultima Online and dozens of others offer the opportunity to interact with thousands of players worldwide in virtual environments that continue to exist whether or not any particular person is playing at the moment. The virtual broadsword you found in the dragon's cave (or that dream house you built) before logging off on Tuesday will be right there on Wednesday.

Acquiring those items, however, requires work. In Ultima Online, it can take weeks to amass enough virtual gold to buy a superior weapon. It can take just as long to earn enough "simoleans," the virtual currency of The Sims Online - the online version of Electronic Arts' best-selling role-playing games - to buy and furnish a house.

Mr. Ainsworth, 36, was not a fan of online games until his 10-year-old daughter became interested in The Sims Online. He then noticed that a large number of simoleans were for sale on eBay. "I started hearing about players leaving the game who were selling their assets," he said, "so I figured, buy low, sell high."

But Mr. Ainsworth found his moneymaking options in The Sims "very limited"; he switched to Second Life, a virtual world that is less a game than a three-dimensional environment in which players can do whatever they choose. There, he has leveraged his real-life experience - he is a developer and contractor - into an online business. In 14 locations in Second Life's virtual world, he owns enough "land" to rent space to nearly 50 retailers, who in turn earn virtual money selling everything from jewelry to clothing to art (all nonexistent, of course). Mr. Ainsworth converts his game profits into real money on sites like eBay, Ige and gamingopenmarket, which charge a small fee, and he includes that income on his tax returns.

Hundreds of people who play Second Life make a profit on it, said Philip Rosedale, chief executive and founder of Linden Lab, the game's developer. The value of the average player's transactions, if converted to real money, is more than $1,000 a year and has been growing nearly 25 percent a month, Mr. Rosedale said.

Who buys this stuff? One Second Life resident, who asked to be identified only by her screen name, Diamond Hope, said she spent $10 to $15 a month on clothing and other accessories in Second Life, but would spend more if she could afford it. "With all the things you can buy in Second Life," she said, "it's hard not to want them, just like real-life stuff."

In the open-ended environment of Second Life, players are provided with a host of powerful tools that can be used to design and market all manner of virtual goods and services. But there is money to be made even in games that provide a standard set of artifacts that must be earned in long hours in front of a screen.

John Chapman, 28, of Canton, Mich., earned about $25,000 a year for the three and a half years in which trading in Ultima Online artifacts was his only source of income. "I wasn't getting rich, but I wouldn't even call it work," he said in an e-mail interview. "It doesn't get any better than getting paid to play games."