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Asav Patel

Anil Ambani Birth Chart

Recently I have visited to a website where I found the Birth Chart of Anil Ambani and various Astrological predictions about him. Here is the Link.

Anil Ambani’s Birth Chart & Astrological Predictions

I personally don’t know anything about Astrology but I find this article interesting and that’s why I am posting it here so that the interested readers can analyze his Birth chart.

According to the astrologers, the positions of various planets in your birth chart determines your destiny.

Here are few predictions about Anil Ambani’s Horoscope

Anil Ambani is having Exalted Rahu-Ketu in Birth Chart.Mars-Venus combination in Cancer is having Exalted aspect by Jupiter from Scorpio.Jupiter is Exalted in Navamsa too which is very auspicious as   he is currently under the influence of Jupiter.Rahu-Ketu are again similar to exalted  in Navamsa chart also.This makes him a good status in Politics.Ketu in Pisces in Birth chart is also aspected by Jupiter which makes him fortunate and also his sons.He is also having Budhaditya Yoga  in his chart

Here are few other Astrological predictions about Anil Ambani and his brother Mukesh Ambani.

His Jupiter is surprisingly also in 11th house, but in 8 rashi, which is also very good. Financially his Jupiter is equally powerful. Mars in 7th house shows trouble from brother and partnership. Mars being in Pushya nakshtra shows parental and ancestral property disputes. His Gnati Dasa of Jupiter is running and as 6th, 8th and 12th lord by Jaimini system, Jupiter is a malefic. By standard Parasaari too, Jupiter is a malefic.

One brother has 8th house in Mars, the other 7th house is debilitated Mars: the clash is not of Mukesh and Anil - it is of 8th and 7th Mars! After studying hundreds of charts, I have observed that Mars of 8th and 7th never cooperate and at times it gives trouble to brothers or trouble from a brother!
If one person’s chart Mars position is exalted and good, but if he does not respect his brothers and is jealous of his brother, the Mars gives bad results. On the other side the person having an ill placed or weak Mars in own chart; if he gives respect to his brother and loves his brother the Mars gives auspicious results

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