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Asav Patel

Innovative Business Ideas in India

India is world’s second largest country population wise. India has over 1 Billion (100 Crore) of Population which makes any product or service viable. The absorption capacity of Indian Market is amazing. It can absorb any amount of products.

There are markets for virtually any kind of product or service in India. If your are an Indian and want to be an Entrepreneur than there are many Innovative Business ideas to start a Business in India. Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi & Kolkata are major cities of India.

However, you can also start your Business in Tier-II & III cities of India with low Investment like Pune, Ahmedabad, Kanpur, Kolhapur…etc…

You can read the following 2 Categories of my Blog. I have posted several Innovative Business Ideas over there.

01) Business Ideas

02) Great Business Ideas

I am sure that you will find lots of Innovative Business Idea for India in the above 2 Categories. I have posted hundreds of Business Ideas from Indian Entrepreneurs over there. You will also find Low Investment Business Ideas over there. There are many Internet Business Ideas also in that Category.

I always recommend youngsters to own their own Business. Because owning your own Business is more safe and secure than depending on the job security through out your life. Once you have a great Business idea, you just require to take the Action. Many people have great business ideas but they don’t take any action.

One of my friend has several great business ideas but unfortunately, when it comes to take action, he step back and give excuses. You can’t make fortune like this. So find out great business ideas from this Blog and start taking action…!!!

9 Responses
  1. Really a fantastic encourgement idea.There are many crative minds in India but lack courage and support from required ares.Unless you dive into water you can't learn to swim.Same story here.Ideas can be converted into good business.It helps the individual as well as the society.There is plenty of scope in agriculture and waste management.If on genuinly concentrate then there is no look back for progress.


  2. TEAM LEADER Says:

    there are so many indian want to work guide us we suffering lack of knowledge and true support pl share

  3. UDAY S Says:


    How do I identify my passion?

  4. sudhindra Says:

    hello sir........i am a person interested in travelling & exploring the world,travel is my passion.Also i hav keen interest in subjects involving art, adventure & creativity.can u kindly suggest me how to start an online business using above mentioned interests without any investment.please give me innovative ideas mail is

  5. manoj Says:

    try to invest time in TIME COMPOUNDING...... definitely u ppl will get result as time,money and financial security.

  6. MANOJ Says:

    Dont think for conventional business.......try to think in different ways..... learn new trends in business.....jump into that.... and make your own identity...

  7. Surya Says:

    Surya MBA, Before an year i had a project on Emergency Money Transfer topic that was now carried out by leading bank SBI(Geosansar)... I proposed it to Ambani and their group not even they are responded... But now i am having a top project in FUTURE ELECTRONICS no body is helping me. if any one join hands with me then sure they will be a profitable business man... This is not fake true....

  8. dharmesh Says:

    hello sir,
    i have a damn good idea of a TV design which i want to approach to any company like SONY<LG,etc... so how can i approach???pls help me out in this.


  9. honey Says:

    @ Suyra: you can contact me on 9175111021