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Lakshmi Mittal Daughter Wedding Photos: Vanisha Mittal Bhatia

Lakshmi Mittal is a famous Billionaire Steel Business Tycoon born in India and living in London. His daughter Vanisha Mittal Bhatia is a No.1 Billionaire Hairiness in the world according to the Forbes Magazine.

Read Here more about Vanisha Mittal Bhatia.

Lakshmi Mittal Daughter

Bollywood bonanza ... Amit Bhatia serenades his bride, Vanisha
Mittal, in Paris's Jardin des Tuileries.

Amit Bhatia serenades his bride, Vanisha Mittal, in Paris's Jardin des Tuileries.

For $US60 million, the Indian billionaire secured the grandest of venues for his daughter's wedding.

It was world’s most expensive marriage in the history of man kind. The total cost for marriage was US $ 60 Million.In 2002, Vanisha – The Daughter of Lakshmi Mittal married Amit Bhatia, an investment banker and her class mate at Cornell University. Since 2004, she has been a Director at LNM Holdings (the holding company for the Mittal group), Arcelor Mittal, Mittal Steel, Temirtau JSC.

It was a Six Day Wedding Ceremony. The wedding was in Paris and had 1000 guests.

thought to own a real estate business.

Although the two families have known each other for many years, the couple only became romantically involved few years ago.

2 Responses
  1. Fell X Says:

    Have a bit of brain.

    Her father was born wealthy.

    "He was brought up in Sadulpur village, in the Churu district of Rajasthan, India. Lakshmi Nivas Mittal was born into a Marwari business family of

    Rajasthan. He comes from a wealthy Indian steel family - his father, Mohan Lal Mittal, ran a steel business, Nippon Denro Ispat." (source - Wikipedia)
    All he did all his life is give orders.
    Big owner crap.
    All she did all her life is live in luxury.
    Yes, in the middle of a country that has some of the poorest people on Earth, some that drink when it rains and eat on garbage day.
    She has no real notion of poverty, lack or sufference.
    Probably she had one or two accidents in her life or some really hard exams and that's what she calls sufference.
    To someone like her, spending hugely, in the same world where many mothers pray that their children do not die of starvation this day and make it to

    tomorrow, is as natural as swiming to a fish.
    I'm not sure how familiar you are with Jesus's addage : "it is easyer for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to go to heaven."
    Ever wondered why ?
    This is why:
    Because this kind of rich people have no shred of compassion.
    A honest person would not have had peace of mind knowing he/she just spent tens of millions of dollars on... say... floral arrangements and decorations that

    became useless once the event was over.
    Purely wasted money.
    Wasted millions while others die without food.
    Food of any kind.
    Think for a while:
    Just two million dollars spent to develop a type of grain that could be used as food and grow anywhere, with only minimal requirements.
    That's all it takes to solve the world hunger problem.
    One plant that can grow plentifully in any condition.
    Do you really have the audacity to immagine that it is hard to obtain with today's science ?
    All those people that could fund the project and make it a reality are directly interested in this plant NOT EXISTING, because once people have their basic

    needs met, they start developing and you cannot keep them under.
    A british worker makes around 2000 Euro / month as national average monthly income.
    Now discover how much does the indian or chinese or philipino or taiwan worker make per month ?
    You'll find it hard to go above 100.

    Poor people are cheap work hands that enable rich people to spend little on production costs, therefore maximizing the profit, wich is the difference

    between how much you spend on manufacturing an object, including taxes and how much you get to sell it with.
    Also, poor people are forced to buy cheap stuff, that is cheaply produced and in bulk quantities, through industrial methods, meaning precisely the kind of

    merchandise and produce that is the cheapest to obtain but brings MASSIVE profit.

    It becomes clear as day that it is in the best interest of the rich to keep the poor poor.

    Wealthier people would buy their own land, grow their own food, even manufacture some of the needed goods themselves.
    They would also have the means to fight legally, economically and physically against injustice.
    And, as sheer numbers, they would be a terrible force.

    Today, we nolonger have physical slavery. It has been replaced by economical slavery.

    You are free to do whatever you want but everything has a price and, on one side you cannot afford to do what you want or, on the other side, you can

    afford, but you obtain your money from a system that you are now tied to.

    In this setting, the hereditary rich like Vanisha, are bred to not really care about others, but to merely put on a show for the masses in order to maintain a public image.

  2. Fell X Says:

    That is the education, say the indoctrination of the rich from early childhood.

    They are entitled and the rest are just too dumb to make money - is their mentality.

    By the time they discover the reality, they are so deep in the system and so used to affording every whim that they are irreparably corrupted by the power

    of money.

    Basically, on a spiritual level, they are core-rotten.

    Born and bred to be soulless money making and administering machines.

    Of course, as everything on this Earth, this description is subject to degrees and differences between persons but, just like in the case of genetics, if

    you have a gene, it does not matter how much or little it manifests itself, YOU DO HAVE IT !

    Vanisha Mittal is a victim of her own life circumstances, of her own environement, a monstruous money waster, an uncompassionate brat.

    Her mentality is irreversibly corrupted.

    The opulence and fame of her wedding is just a passing whisp of smoke in the winds of time.

    There have been many other such opulent weddings throughout the millenia, there shall be many more still.

    But, pealed of all glamour and shine, pealed of all status, seen as a human being, Vanisha is just another crippled human demon soul inside a pretty shell

    of aging flesh.

    There is no awe I feel about her "luck", "fortune", fate.
    There is no amazement I feel about her wedding.
    There is no envy about Vanisha Mittal and all that are like her and her family on this planet.

    There's only hatred for the consequences of their decisions.

    And, for the persons themselves...

    Nothing but pity.

    There's nothing like the glory of the sweaty farmer that digs the golden potato out of the ground with his rough, dirty hands and lifts it up to the rays of

    the morning sun.
    There's nothing like the glory of his smiling, hungry kids, gorging on the taters baked in the oven with some pig lard, some onion and a bit of salt.
    There's nothing like the glory of his forehead, freshly wiped of sweat, bathed by the evening wind, after a day of toiling.

    I have much, much envy for that.

    But I only have pity for Vanisha.

    Her soul is dead.

    The demons are raging today.
    They wear suits and run companies.
    They drink from crystal cups and spend their gold on ephemeral things.
    They rule the others with a blind eye and poisoned heart.
    Their souls are dead.

    The demons are raging.