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Asav Patel

Small Investment High Returns Business in India

People ask me about Businesses which gives high returns with Small Investment in India. Well, in my mind, 2 Businesses come that fulfills both of the above criterias.

01) Food Business &

02) Internet Business

There may be more such kind of businesses in India. But I have seen and observed since years that, both the Food Business & the Internet Business are the most common businesses that requires small investments and give high returns.

Let us discuss something about Food Business. India is so much large country with several kind of food tastes that Food Business in any Niche will be profitable. The Food Business is a 100% Profit Business. You will get 100% return on your Invest in Food Business. If your Food Business is a road side “Dhaaba” or it’s a sophisticated restaurant in some posh area of the city, it will give you highest returns than any other business in India.

Internet Business is the second Business that requires small start-up Capital and gives you the highest returns than any other Business in this world. What I Like about the Internet Business is it’s exponential growth over the time. The Internet Businesses require so much less capital to start that even a school going kid can also start his own Internet Business from his pocket money.

And because of this very low start-up capital requirements of the Internet Business, the returns from the web business are Exponential over the time. And That’s why I advise the youngsters to start their own Internet Business as early as possible in their lives.

The Internet will change the Capitalism of the world in next few decades. Thus, if you have a low Capital to start a business, Start a Food Business or Internet Based Business. And Believe me, both of these Businesses will give you extra-ordinary high returns once settled.