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Asav Patel

Most Valuable Vintage Toys

Do You know that Vintage toys (Toys of 39s, 40s, 60s and 80s) are the Assets and collectors invest in the vintage toys for a great profit. Owning a Vintage toy is just like owning any other asset class such as stocks, bonds, gold, real estate and mutual funds.

The toys from the 1930-80s are the most popular among the investors. Here are the few most valuable vintage toys in the world which prices go up and up year after year.

01) Japanese Metal Tin Toys

Japanese metal tin toys are one of the most valuable toys in the world and collectors are crazy about them.

02) Star Wars Toys

Star Wars Toys are also one of the most favourite vintage collectible items. They are very much in demand in the Collectors’ world.

03) Michael Jackson Dolls

The Michael Jackson Dolls of 1980s are still in very high demand by the collectors.

04) Marx Toys

Marx toys are the one of the most sought after vintage toys in the America.

Some of the most popular toys they made were metal litho toys such as a hopping rabbit, Pinocchio Walker and George the Drummer boy all from the 1940s.

Well, the above are the most popular and valuable vintage toys in the world. And if you are the owner of one of such kind of toys than you are the owner of the most valuable asset on the earth. And yes, if you are a toy lover than invest in vintage toys.