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Asav Patel

Average Income of Billionaires

You will be surprised by knowing the salaries of some famous Forbes Billionaires. Here are the salaries of two great billionaires.

01) Steve Jobs – Annual Salary $ 1 – Net Worth – $ 5.5 Billion

Steve Jobs is the Founder and CEO of Apple Corporation. In 2010, Forbes estimated his net worth to be US $ 5.5. Billion making him world’s one of the most richest person.

How much Steve Jobs receives in his annual salaries? Well, just $ 1 per Annum. Rest of the money he receives as a bonus and remunerations.

02) Warren Buffet – Annual Salary $ 100,000 – Net Worth – $ 50 Billion

Warren Buffet is the Legendary Investor also known as Oracle of Omaha. His Net Worth is US $ 50 Billion making him world’s third richest person. And his Annual salary from his own company Berkshire Hathaway is just $ 100,000.

03) Mukesh Ambani – Annual Salary Rs.45 Crores – Net Worth – $ 29 Billion

Mukesh Ambani’s Net worth is US $ 29 Billion according to Forbes 2010 making him world’s 4th richest person and he annually receives just Rs.45 Crores (US $ 9 Million). In comparison to his empire, his annual salary is very minimal.

Thus, the salaries of Billionaires vary widely. This is mainly because of the several reason. One commonest reason is that, billionaires play in the multiple financial statements. They do all kind of their expenses via their companies.

In other words, their companies afford their lifestyle from pre-tax money. This is because for a company, the Tax is the last expense while for the individual, tax is the first expense.

Another reason is that, Billionaires like Steve Jobs receives most of the money in the form of bonuses and Dividends to avoid large amount of taxes legally.

Thus, Billionaires are financially smart. They know the power of the corporate structure and that’s why they can play the game of money much better than anyone else around the world.

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