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Asav Patel

Mukesh Ambani email id (Address)

I write several articles about Mukesh Ambani and his family and other billionaires as well. And that’s why I receive this query several times a week from my readers in my mailbox as well as on my mobile phone via SMS that, kindly give us the email id (Address) of Mukesh Ambani.

Well, I have not personally contact Mukesh Ambani or tried to find his e-mail address. But What you can do is, Visit Reliance Industries Website and in the Contact Us section try to contact him.

Obviously, there is no guarantee that your message will reach to him or not? But at least you can send your message to his spokeperson and may be it may reach to him…!!!

3 Responses
  1. Michele Says:

    Mukesh ambani si just aking money by looting relaINCE NETCONNECT .this is pathetic service and the cust care rep are deaf and dumb ..not ready to understand the customers dellima...please have some connect with them or share the email address atlest with the custinmers so that u will come to know about the service you are providing

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Mr Mukesh

    I Desmond Naidoo of south africa ask of u to be a kind and generous man and help me financialy . I would appricate it if u would. Call me and offer your help. I have 2 kid which are in desprate needs . Your kind assistance would be appricated

    My mobil number is « 078 554 5747 »

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Michele, you nitwit Mukesh doesn't own Rcom, his brother does.